Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 1 - Fish & Chips, British Museum, Gelato

I know this is a couple days ago but for journaling purposes I would really love to have a record of what I do with my days here in London. So, I hope to complete a recap of each day on the blog. Here are a couple of pictures from the big traveling day!

They have the cutest boutiques with the most fun hats!

Our trip thourgh Hyde Park :)

Okay, so funny story...we heard some music and chanting while in the park and decided to follow it. Turns out it was the Iranians protesting at their embassy. They are angry about the leader that was suppossedly 'voted' into office. Anyway, I saw this news station van and got really excited, seeing as how I haven't had to report on a story in almost 2 months. I chatted with the camera man and he gave us the low down as to what was going on. I asked him if I could get a picture with him and he said, 'Sure!' and handed me a mic. Haha I wasn't expecting that. Oh yeah, turns out they're with the friggin BBC! Who would have thought?!

Wednesday, June 24th To start off, we woke up, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day. I dont remember the last time I was this exhausted, so bing in a different bed, a bunk bed for that matter, didn't even phase. I slept great! Then, we had an orientation during the morning just prefacing what to expect for our classes, group adventures, etc.
After our time in the Centre, four of us, Caitlin, Jordan, Lexi and I, went to get a few things on Queensway and then set out on mission to find some real English fish & chips. I was looking at one of our maps when an older man whom we could barely understand asked if we were lost. I asked him if he knew of the best fish & chips place close by. He said he did and tried giving us directions. We all must have looked confused, because he finally said he would take us there. At first we were all a little hesitant. However, there were four of us, it was the middle of the day, and this guy had to be at least 65+. So, here are four young American girls, following this elderly Indain man to find yummy food. Personally, I wondered if he was all there, but realized it must be part of the culture, because we made it safe and sound and hungry! I'm not the biggest fish fan so I said, 'I'll probably just get a hamburger.' All of the girls said, 'No Kylee, our first real meal in London and you want the classic American meal?' I gave in and got the fish & chips. I then proceeded to ask if the chips were baked or just plain chips. Caitlin looked at me with a funny face and replied, 'Wow. They are french fries.' Here I am trying to decide if I want the less greasy baked Lays or the Chedder Doritos. Dang. I am out of my comfort zone. Haha all in all, our meal was delish and I am the newest English Fish & Chips fan!

Then we got on our first Tube ride of the trip to the British Museum. Unreal. All of the museums are free you can see everything you want, when you want, how convienent. I had been there once before with the family when we visited London for Christmas of 2004, but this time I was able to stay longer and look at more exhibits. Some of my favorites were the Rosetta Stone, the Egypt room, and this one particular piece that showed all of the pills one individual will roughly take in their lifetime. It was put together by a few artists and demonstrates the increase of medicine in the human life. Very interesting.

Then we headed back to the Centre and ate dinner. We had this yummy chicken and rice dish. The Centre directors, Dave and Terry Shuler, live here full time at the Centre and Terry makes all of our breakfasts and dinners minus Saturday. She is one amazing woman to feed 40 hungry students and 4 Professors plus their families. Bless her heart, she is a saint! Later that night, a couple of girls and I went to get some gelato! It was yummy...a great end to a wonderful first day in the city. Right away, I feel extremely comfortable and welcomed by this group of people. I can't wait to get to know them better throughout the summer!

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