Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 2 - Centre, V&A, Pubs

Day 2- Thursday, June 25th
Here are a few pics of the BYU London the parentals can see the living conditions.

Today we started classes. It was a struggle. I still feel like the exhaustion sets in if I sit down for long periods of I try to avoid that as much as possible. It was so hard to be in a classroom when there is so much to do and so much fun to be had. That afternnon we headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). My favorite museum thus far. My favorite exhibits were the fashion/textiles and the jewelry gallery. No pics were allowed in the jewelry room...but I went crazy in the fashion exhibit and spent over an hour. They highlighted the changes in fashion over the past 300-400 fun. My favorite was the shoes!
This dress is made out of 20 bras...naughty.

One of Princess Di's Dresses

The Classic Double Decker Bus

Then we walked to Harrod's and just looked around in the food court. Unbelievable. Not your average Chick-fil-a and Panda Express. They have room after room of yummy food places. Their sweet room is the winner by far. Considering the Harrod's summer sale starts this weekend, they have not seen the last of me. We took the Tube back to the Centre and had dinner, fajitas! I got my Mexican food fix.

Later that night, a few of us decided to go to the pub. We ended up getting into one and the only seats that were open were right next to the live band. We went to the front, sat down, and just looked happy to be there. If we didn't stand out enough, a couple people wanted to order smoothies at the bar...however it was closed. We must have just screamed...'GO COUGS'. We toped off the night with a run to Tesco for some far my favorites are GALAXY BARS. In Love. I love getting to know this group of people better. A couple of them know people I do and we have found lots of things in common. It's funny what a small world it grateful I am to have this experience.

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