Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Update!

Sunday was a truly neat experience. Never have I spent more time traveling to church than I have actually attending church. Oh the sacrifices! I had a huge reality check! I live 2 minutes from my church building and it is still common for me to walk in late. ouch. There are 3 girls from the program and one professor and his family that go to the Catford Ward with me.I'm assigned to work in the Primary...what age group I'm unsure. The kids are darling. I love hearing them speak! Almost the entire ward is African American. It's very touching to hear them share their love of the gospel. Clearly, I just know the few people in my program so it was neat to meet other members, they are all very welcoming and excited to have us! We traveled back to the Centre, had lunch, I got caught up on a few things. We had a special fireside that night with the ccouple missionaries and Stake President and his wife (whom I adore, she it Scotish and so dang cute!)I thoroughly enjoyed their words and testimonies. I'm looking forward to more Sundays in the Catford Ward.

Saturday I slept in until 10:30 and then a few of us took the Tube to Wimbledown to see if we could continue our luck and get tickets. After much bribing...no luck. There is a huge line for ground tickets that we contemplated waiting in...but decided we wouldn't get in until late. Too bad, Andy Roddick was playing at Centre Court. We are heading back on Thursday to wait in the line and get tickets! We walked through the Wimbledon area and I have to say thus far it is my favorite place in London. It's a beautiful area with fun shops and cute houses. Much more residential than I was expecting. We went to a pub where we ate and watched the match on tv. We met this guy from Germany and chatted with him for a bit. He is taking a year off of school to travel the world. 15 flights. One back pack. One year. How fun. What I would give to be in shoes! We talked to him briefly about our school and the Church and see was absolutely dumbfounded by some of our standards. He was very interesting to talk too...I really enjoy learning more about the people we met here. So different than Mesa/Provo. But that is why I'm here...to see the differences! That night we came home, I did some homework and laundry and then went to bed for early church.

Friday was a crazy day indeed! I woke up and went on a little run through Hyde Park. Kensington Gardens is absolutely beautiful, it beats running at Mountainside or on canals anyday! There are so many people out going to work, running, walking dogs, etc. It's definitely fun to see the English in action. After breakfast we all headed down to the Tower of London. This was one of my favorite things I have done so far. I loved learning about Henry VIII and all of the history there. Some of the highlights were the Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill Exhibit (Armor), Crown Jewels, Bloody Tower (where the two famous princes, Edward V and Richard, were killed) and Beauchamp Tower (where they kept prisoners). I also saw Tower Hill where King Henry VIII had multiple people beheaded including his second wife, Anne Boleyn. We watched a skit that actors performed in the court yard. Henry VIII definitely had one wandering eye! He truly facinates me...his life was one big scandal after another!
The Tower of London

So this is where Henry VIII would do his business...there is an open hole and everything would just slide down the Tower walls...sick nasty.

Traitor's Gate - Where Queen Anne came through just before her execution.

Eating these yummy nuts on the Tower Bridge.

My dad had been informing me for weeks about the Hard Rock Calling Music Festival at Hyde Park this weekend featuring his favorite Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. I swear I think Douglas travels with the band. He's been to multiple states just to see the show...which I hear is pretty unreal. I looked at the schedule and saw that The Kooks (an English based band) and The Killers were playing on Friday. Big bummer that Dave Matthews Band and the Boss were on Sunday :( Needless to say we took a little stroll in Hyde Park Sunday evening. Anyways, after dinner a couple of girls and I headed over to see if we could just buy tickets from scalpers. We saw a group of people wearing Killers T-shirts and they lead us to the concert. The only man in the group had an extra ticket and gave it to us for free! And then he helped us check the validity of the scalper tickets. We all ended up paying £25 for the show! Dang good, I dont know how it all worked out...the show was amazing. We made our way within 30 yards of the stage in a crowd of over 45,000 people. Insane. And they sounded just like the CD. Pretty cool...the lead singer is a great entertainer and doesn't look bad in tight pants. We all had a great time!


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  1. Kylee, You look like your having so much fun! Take Care, Mary


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