Friday, July 17, 2009

Highlights Over the Past Weeks!

Basically, I am a terrible blogger. So sorry family! I had midterms this week and they keep us so busy. There are just not enough hours in the day! But here are a few updates!

Today, we went to Hampton Court where King Henry VIII, Mary I, and William & Mary lived. It is massive with beautiful surrounding gardens! Here, Jordan and I are dining like royalty in Henry's Dining Hall that fed over 600 people twice a day.

Madalyne, Jordan and I saw the musical Jersey Boys last night and I absolutely LOVED it! It's the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I had heard most of the songs but had no idea they were the ones that sang them! 'Sherry Baby,' 'Walk Like A Man,' 'Oh What A Night,' and 'I Love You Baby' were some of my favorites. It was high energy and fast paced, my kind of play. Seriously thinking about going again! It takes place in New Jersey in the 1960's so there is some foul language, but once I accepted that, I was fine. Tons of fun and I highly reccommend it!

We headed to Portsmouth for another Wednesday Day Trip! This beach town houses the British Navy. We toured the remains of King Henry VIII's faithful ship the Mary Rose, Nelson's Victory that defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalger, shopped at the outlets, and went on the Harbor Tour.
Miss Meg and I on the Harbor Tour!

The Cadbury Factory Shop --- pure bliss.

Rock Climbing at Aviation Stations in Portsmouth

The Victory

As an entire group we visited Cambridge for a Wednesday Day Trip. It was your typical charming college town. I learned that Cambridge is actually made up of 31 different colleges, the biggest being King's College with Trinity coming in a close second. Student apply for the college instead of the University. Right away we noticed the river with lots of people 'punting'. We fit 6 of us in this boat and toured the entire University. I tried punting and Rueben, our tour guide, had to bail me out after I ran us into a tree. Lots of fun!

We ate at The Eagle, a pub where Watson and Crick spent alot of time chatting/relaxing and actually announced their discovery of the structure of DNA, the double helix.

One of my favorite things to do here is walk around London at night, it's so beautiful!

Last week after class one day Jordan and I went to see the musical CHICAGO! I had seen the movie before, so I somewhat knew what to expect. The Cell Block Tango was the biggest highlight! Jerry Springer played Billy Flynn, the manipulating lawyer...he did a surprising good job. Thanks Jerry for a great night!

We went shopping at Portobello Market. It was packed, so many vendors, so little time. We spent a whole Saturday there, and I could easily go back again. Obviously, I am not starving on this trip. I had a yummy Strawberry & Creme Crepe and this Greek Sandwich.

A group of us girls went to see the musical WICKED! I have listened to the Soundtrack forever, but this was my first time seeing it. I LOVED it, our Alpheba was fabulous!

On a Friday Field Day we visited a Sihk Gurdwara, the equivalent to our temple, very interesting! It is open to the public and they serve a free lunch to anyone who comes.

We made it into Wimbledon...Douglas would be so proud! We went after class one day and didn't even have to wait in the queue! On our last try to Wimbledon, I tried to talk our way in with some security guards at the queue, they were so not having it! Apparently, scalping tickets is illegal. Who knew???!! Needless to say, this trip was a success! We were able to watch some great matches, get some sun and buy our classy Wimbledon tees. I had my eye out for Andy Roddick all day, supposedly we just missed him at the practice courts...bummer! I found myself wanting to yell and cheer during the matches...clearly Wimbledon is much more refined.


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