Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dollar Scoop Night Delight

For my MCOM class we were instructed to buy something for a stranger, watch their reaction, and blog about the experience. So late last night, after watching a rough intramural basketball loss, we decided to try my little experiment at Baskin Robbin's Dollar Scoop Night. After ordering my regular mint chocolate-chip scoop, I gave the cashier a couple of extra dollars to buy the next customer's purchase. He was confused at first but once I explained he was in on the fun. We sat down and watched.

I was unsure as to when the cashier was going to make his move. But, after a big group of people left he approached me and asked, "Did you see it?!" Haha, I told him I didn't really catch their full reaction so he elaborated. He said they were shocked and very excited. But, it wasn't the customer's reaction I had the most fun with; it was the cashiers'. They kept asking what class this assignment was for. They even said it spiced up their night. One of them told me of a recent experience where an elderly man bought an entire family's ice cream order. And the family wasn't informed until after the man left. I bet he didn't do it for a class assignment.
I realize this was just a scoop of ice cream, but it was still a good time. It makes me somewhat sad that it took a professor's instruction for me to perform this random act of kindness. I need to look for more opportunities like this.

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