Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Little Sister I Never Had

My cute friend, Carli Shockey, came to visit this weekend! Her present from "Santa" this past Christmas was a roundtrip ticket to Utah for a fun-filled weekend in Provo with yours truly. Carli is one of the main constants in my life. She is one of the people I ALWAYS see when I go home. We talk every Sunday. She fills me in on her life full of friends, dance, and sixth grade lovin. I fill her in on school, exams, roommates, and BYU life. I introduce her as the little sister I never had. It was such a treat to have her visit. We had a pretty busy schedule.
- Picked her up from the was a dramatic reunion
- Once we got to Provo, made a stop at In-n-Out for dinner
- Went to Scott's Basketball game
- Watched Katelin dance in the RB...we all performed the Mt. View fight song...
- Watched the Olympics
- Talked until we fell asleep
- Tour of BYU
- Tour of the newsroom...a possible budding journalist?
- Lunch at one of Provo's best, Zupas!
- U of U vs. BYU Gymnastics Meet
- Dinner at Tucano's with friends
- Fell asleep watching Step Up
- Carli helped us pass our Cleaning Check
- Spring Sing practice with the ward
- UNM v. BYU Basketball game...rough loss
- Dinner at Bajio...thank-you Scott Maddux
- Music, Dance, Theatre Showcase in the HFAC
- Sang our little hearts out to the High School Musical Soundtrack
- The long-awaited, most-anticipated trip to Smart Cookie in American Fork

- Slept in
- Introduced Carli to the Student Single's Ward...(a boy asked if she was our new, you perv!)

- Headed to Salt Lake
- Toured Temple Square

Then it was time for the rough goodbye. I always hate goodbyes with Carli. Good thing I will see her in a couple weeks. She is such a sweetheart, the most mature 12-year-old I know. I do think she is 12 going on 22. I was lucky to have her for myself for the weekend. Thanks for coming Carli, my air mattress is always waiting for you! I love you!


  1. How fun! I'm glad you had an awesome weekend!

  2. Okay...this is so cute! Kylee I just love you! I want to grow up and be just like you one day!


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