Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truth & Journalism

Truth is the primary mission and first obligation in journalism. Turth is the essence of news. As reporters, we must seek the truth and present it to the public with utmost clarity. Viewers turn to the news to learn and think about the world beyond themselves. Therefore, it must be accurate and reliable. In my Principles of Journalism class the first group's presentation revolved around truth and journalism. They mentioned the two tests of truth are getting the facts straight and making sense of the facts. Journalistic truth is seeking the correct facts, presenting them in the most unbiased manner possible, and showing both sides to the story. For example, when covering an election a reporter must ensure that both parties receive an adequate and equal amount of air time.
The latest technological advances allow journalists to offer more transparency. For example, some journalists are even posting their entire notes on blogs.

I think this is such a great idea. Whether the public wants more information regarding a story or just wants to double check the facts, this transparency offers those means. We also spoke in class about news stations and reporters' baises. I agree with the majority of the class that it is impossible to be completely unbiased.
To learn how to detect bias:

Everyone has their own backgrounds, experiences, etc., which influences their particular views. Consequently, they sway the story ideas we research, the angles we take, and the way we present the information. I wish this wasn't the case. But in a way it does express some form of individuality, just to look on the brightside.

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