Friday, March 19, 2010

Mesa in March

Why do I live in Provo? Everytime I leave home to head back up to school after Christmas break I ask myself this question. But, I have not been to Mesa in the month of March since my senior year of high school...three years ago. (Man, I'm getting up there). I found after our little trip this past was even harder to leave.

The weather was beautiful. We just beat the orange blossoms...bummer. Sunny with a high of 75.

There was one point in our eventful drive that I will never forget. We were driving through the canyon between St. George and Vegas. Kate was reading "The Last Lecture" to me and we both were crying our eyes out. Just bawling. Great book - go get it. We made pretty good time both ways. Except for the dam traffic...we were at a dead stop for about 10 minutes. Kate did some investigating...

The little Sherlock decided it was due to road construction...right she was!

We even got a litte giddy at our first QT sighting.

It was so wonderful to be welcomed home by these two!

Oh how I have missed them!

We made it safely to the Hink household, but as I pulled out of their driveway I felt something wheel was veering to left. I didn't think anything of until the next morning when my entire car was lopsided. Turns out...bad flat tire. We drove over 700 miles and it happened when we got home? Tender mercy. I was so grateful! Could you imagine...Katelin and Kylee pulled over on the side of the road somewhere between Kingman and Wickenburg...bad news. I may be ignorant, but not stupid...I double-checked and made sure the Triple A card was in my wallet before we left. Still, that could have been no bueno. Needless to say, Douglas spent an hour teaching me how to change a tire. He's the best.

Next up...Nicole and Sam's Wedding. They looked beautiful! Just beaming. They could not have picked a better day to get married. The weather was prime. Remind me to get married in March.

Colee and I played softball together throughout high school. She is one of the best girls I know. I remember watching her practice and thinking, "Is this girl for real?!" She worked so hard, yet had so much fun. Every day is brighter with Nicole. She is a party. She comes from one of the best families I know. They are such great people. During long weekend softball tournaments I felt as if they were my own. Lisa and Marv are so supportive, loving, and welcoming. Cliche, I know...but I feel honored and blessed to have them in my life. was great to see some of our good friends who got back from their missions. He's baccckkkk...the one and only Micah Yetter.

Ladies and gentlemen...your 2007 3-Pt. Basketball Shootout State Champion...Jesse Blair. He's nicer than ever.

Hellooo Senior Prom Dates!

So great to see Mal Pal.

And...the happy married couple.

You made such a beautiful bride, Nicole. Sam Shreeve, you are one lucky guy. I could not be happier for you two. Everything turned out just as I had hoped! Well...another one down...they're dropping like flies.


  1. Kylee! Your blog is super cute! And I cannot agree more- I miss the orange blossoms so much!! I am so jealous that you got to go home! Looks like a lot of fun! :)


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