Saturday, April 24, 2010


The last two weeks have been huge in the life of Kylee.

We finished our final newscast of the semester and I said goodbye to the Monday crew. We had a great group of people. I'm sad to see the graduates go, but so excited to hear of their new jobs. There's hope. One can get a job in this industry.

3rd Semester with the Daily News - Check.

I spent long days and sleepless nights in the Harold B. Lee Library.

5 Finals.
1 Resume Reel.

I took 17 credits this semester...never again. I took Accounting 200 for the second time around... seeing as how I received I letter grade that we will not speak of. Thankfully, I re-took the class before BYU changes its policy. Look out Cougs, if you need to re-take a class, do so before fall of 2011 - they will start taking the average of both grades, instead of the higher. Phew. Needless to say, round two - aced that B....
I think I have spent more time in the library this year than any other. For some of us, it's a social scene (cough...Katelin). For others, it provides great spots for napping.

Regardless, Harold B. has been good to us. Made lots of new friends. I'm glad another insane, chaotic finals week is over.

Junior Year at BYU - Check.

I took my last final Wednesday night, just as the Testing Center closed. Fitting. I think that's one of the best feelings in the world. I then spent most of the night and Thursday morning moving out of Alpine Village. I forget how much stuff my little cubicle holds. My roomies are the best and let me keep some of my stuff there for spring/summer. Connor was up for the week so we left Provo Thursday afternoon and pulled into beautiful Mesa just before one in the morning.

Moving out of Alpine, only to return in 4 months - Check.

The last 24 hours have consisted of sleeping 9 hour nights, getting my Mexican food fix, pedicures with sweet Mendi Sue, shopping for NYC, long chats with Douglas, Misty's muscle class - I HAVE to get in shape this summer, countless loads of laundry, getting unpacked, and then repacking for New York.

Packing for New York - Pending.

It's been wonderful being home for these few days, a nice change of pace. My family is the best a girl could ask for. How grateful I am for big dreams. How grateful I am for parents who have always told me I could accomplish anything. They have always said I could have the best of both worlds. And I believe them. I'm holding them to it. I'm thrilled for this next adventure in a new city. New York, you are mine for the next two months. Get excited.


  1. you are going to have so much fun in new york!! you're my fav assignment desk / weather girl ever.

  2. FOR the record I resent that comment about me. That is all.

    p.s. I miss you frick
    p.s.s. LOVE YOU


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