Monday, May 31, 2010

Catch Up!

It's been too long. I'll make this quick. Or at least try to!
Wednesday, May 19th
After work, Nicole, Karly, and I bought student discounted tickets for Mary Poppins. I have been wanting to see this broadway for quite sometime. And it didn't disappoint.

The set and special effects are unbelievable. At one point, Karly even leaned over to me and said, "I feel like I'm at Disneyland!" She said it perfectly. Disney does go all out. And this musical was no exception. Mary Poppins kept pulling large props out of her bag. And Bert even walked on the ceiling. You have to see it. I think the choreography to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" was my absolute favorite. It's a great family musical and a must for all Disney fans.

Thursday, May 20th,
I was feeling cooped up in 30 Rock all day so after work I decided to make my way to Central Park. Little did I know, I would stumble upon the big LOVE sign.

Central Park is just beautiful. There's something for everyone. I love getting lost in it.

I stopped to watch a city co-ed league softball game. I remember playing on one of these fields with my family on our first trip to New York awhile ago. I don't know what it is but there's something very comforting about watching a softball/baseball game. It's probably familiarity. I don't know, but a part of me felt like home. Anyways, I loved it. On my way out, I randomly ran into Nicole and Kourtney!

It's such a blessing having these girls here. They are such hard working, driven, beautiful, sweet girls who would honestly help anyone. How grateful I am to be here experiencing New York with them.

We just wandered throughout the park and walked up Columbus Ave. to the subway. I find that part of the upper west side so charming.

Friday, May 21st
Girl's Weekend! It was the first and only weekend that we would all be together, without family and boys, so we took full advantage. We went to Union Square for dinner at a yummy Cuban restaurant called Havana Central. I ordered a delicious mango chicken dish. I was so over salads at that point, it didn't even phase. Bring on the poultry.

To top things off on our way to the movie theater we passed a Crumb Cupcake Shop. I had my eye out for one of these. It was fate.

Hands down, the best cupcakes in the city I have tasted. Yes, Scott Maddux, better than Magnolia.
Our movie theater was extremely nice, considering we paid $13. We saw "Letters to Juilet" and LOVED it. My parents had seen it and told me they enjoyed it as well. Even Douglas. It's a fabulous love story. Overall, a wonderful night in the city with the girls!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Week...

I find that I'm always a week behind in my posting! Here's just a quick catch up. After work on Monday, we went to the ESPN Zone to watch the Red Sox vs. Yankees.

We got there pretty early on in the night before the true fans came. ESPN Zone is a Knoles family favorite...if I remember correctly we've been to the one in Anaheim, Vegas, NYC, and Washington D.C. Clearly, we branch out. To be fair, it is the best place to catch a game. They even have little tv's above every bathrooom stall so you won't miss a play. I have lots of fun memories of the whole fam damily playing in the huge arcades they house upstairs. We all ordered yummy dishes and a delicious pazookie.

The Yankees were up 6-1 when we left in the fourth. The Sox came back but the Yanks were ultimately victorious with a walk-off. Had I known it was going to be such a great game I would have stuck around! A good night to be a New Yorker, I guess. I think my heart will always be with the Sox. Shhhh. I may get shot around my parts of town.
Tuesday we have class - so nothing too exciting. We are only meeting once more this week. It's easy to forget I'm in school here!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love the Manhattan 8th

Sunday was a much needed rest day. I went to church above the Temple and attended the Manhattan 8th Ward. All of my meetings were fantastic. Our secound counselor and his wife taught marriage prep. They had the cutest little boy who just drew on the chalkboard and would sneak a bite of chalk when his mom wasn't looking. I was dying. Anyways, they're such a power couple. They both attended law schools, he went to Columbia, and she went to City of NY University. She didn't know if her schooling would pay itself off after she started working because they wanted to start their family shortly after she graduated. However, it was important to her and therefore, important to him. I thought their story was very neat.
After church, a sweet member of the bishopric and his family had all of the newcomers to the ward over for brunch. The Todd's were so nice to treat us all - even with their two young kids running around. They live in one of the most spacious apartments I have seen in the city. The bishopric has been so good to us during our short stay here in city. Thank you Todd family for a yummy meal!

Have I mentioned I love brunch? The concept is ideal. It's the perfect time of day to eat a big meal before a nice Sunday nap. Here's to Sunday brunch!

Chelsea - One of My Favorite Parts of The City

Saturday was an exploring day! Anna and I woke up at 9:00 - early for a Saturday! We headed out to the Chelsea Flea Markets that came recommended by Kathryn. Right off the subway I fell in love with this part of town. It was so charming. First, we went to this huge open garage full of different vendors showcasing their goods - or junk - you be judge. The entire situation was pretty funny. People were bargaining like crazy. We searched through different booths and found some pretty interesting things.

We wandered around, followed a couple of wrong directions, but saw the cutest parts of the town. I even bought drink from a little girl's lemonade stand. I forgot that I was in New York City. I could easily live here.

Next stop - The Chelsea Markets. This place is so much fun. We found so many yummy treats, fruit, etc. They even have this crepe shop I have to go back and try.

These cakes were so intricate. It took me awhile to even realize they're edible.

After walking our lil feet off, Anna and I grabbed a sandwich at Sarabeth's (one of my new favorite restaurants) and headed for a picnic on the Highline. This is probably on my Top 10 List of Things to do in NYC. It's an old above-ground subway line that people have turned into a garden. It overlooks the city on the east and the Chelsea Piers/Hudson River on the west. I will come back here!

We made a quick stop with another group on Mulberry St. in Little Italy. We walked around the Financial District for an hour or so.
We went to Trinity Church and saw a choir rehearsal. I guess people just flocked to this church and also St. Paul's, which is just a few blocks north, during 9/11. Ground 0 is literally right across the street. It's chilling to think about what happened in this area nearly nine years ago.

We stumbled upon the filming of a Tiffany & Co. commercial right outside their building on Wall St. The model was beautiful...and check out that necklace!

New York Stock Exchange - shout out to Accounting 200.

We were not done yet! Next, we got off at Lincoln Center to try and grab tickets for Juilliard's performance of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice". We grabbed dinner and were the first ones in the standby line. Garrett and Ben met up with us. We grabbed a sandwich at a nearby cafe and were ready to go.

I was exhausted at this point. All I needed was a 20 minute nap in the first act to help me make it to the end. They changed the setting to modern time which was very helpful. I was able to follow the play after I caught some zzz's. That Shakespeare was one smart guy. Funny too. The actors were unreal. We talked with some of the dancers from Juilliard who were ushering the show. They said the dance department usually accepts 26 people - 13 boys and 13 girls each year, out of hundreds of auditions. Can you imagine? If you get into that school, you are set. I was extremely impressed with the talent. Anna and I did so much with our day. I love traveling with this girl! And there's no better way to end the night than with a lil Pinkberry. Honestly. I'm averaging one of these babies a week.

Loved. Every. Bite. Blows Yozone and Red Mango out of the water. By far the best frozen yogurt I have ever tasted. Come visit me. Come get some.

A Night Full of Fun

Last weekend was a great time. After working in this building for 8 hours Nicole and I met up with Karly and Co. at tkts. Allison, James' sister, visited the city with her good friend, Amber, for the day. We bought Billy Elliot tickets and were off to get New York's finest pizza. This was my second time at John's and they didn't let us down. It is a MUST in NYC. We headed to the theater and I was pleasantly surprised with our seats. Tkts came through again. We were on the far side of the mezzanine which made it a little difficult to see our side of the stage, but we managed! Overall, I loved this Broadway show. It's based on the UK Coal Mine Strike of 1984. It was a victory for Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party and her free market program. I learned about Thatcher in my British History class last summer in London so it was neat to connect the dots. Anyways, Billy Elliot comes from a family of manly men who go on strike. His father makes Billy attend boxing lessons when he actully prefers ballet. It's an ongoing battle to get his father on his side. Aside from some foul language, this show is full of fun music, boys in tutus, and some sentimental moments. Billy's mom had passed away a couple of years before, but she appears to him in quiet, touching settings throughout the plot. I couldn't help but think of my own sweet Mom and tear up. Overall, it was a great show to start the weekend. The children perfomers were extremely impressive. There are so many talented people in this world, it blows my mind. The lead was incredible, such a great dancer and had an amazing voice. I would highly recommend it. After the show, we headed to Times Square where we saw some of our fellow BYU interns. Times Square at night is packed. Take note of the mass amounts of people behind us. We headed to 42nd St. and got on the subway. We always get off on 125th St. however sometimes on weekends the subway stops change. I guess our subway driver announced he would skip 125th and the next stop would be 145th. Well, we tend to talk on our subway rides so you can imagine our confusion when we drove straight through our stop. I started to voice our concern when this snappy lady proceeded to say, "He has announced it multiple times...he's not stopping here." She gave me the dirtiest look. In addition to being oblivious,we apparently must be somewhat loud and annoying on our subway rides. We were so scared to get off and cross the street to the other side, so we ran as fast as we could.
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