Thursday, May 6, 2010

The American Pastime

Friday was the best day. I was feeling a little under the weather. I just hadn't gotten enough sleep over the past two weeks with finals, moving, traveling, etc. But that didn't stop us. Randomly, Scott ran into a good friend/mission companion, Joel, while coming to pick me up from work. We knew he was in town...but what are the odds? Out of all the streets in New York City. It was meant to be! Joel, the most talented balloon animal artist, was visiting for the weekend to see how biz-nass would be in the big apple. I went home to change and then we took the subway to Yankee Stadium. We were a little unsure how to get there so we just followed the fans in jerseys. I think some were already drunk before the game. We got off the subway and they started chanting and flipping people off. I saw a cop push one guy up against the wall and set him straight. It didn't even phase him. I couldn't stop staring. Oh, my sheltered mind. The crowd was nuts. The stadium is incredible. I had been to the old Yankee Stadium with my family for part of my senior trip three years ago. It had so much history. It looks as if they kept the similar style of architecture. It felt so good to watch a baseball game again. It had been awhile. Nothing beats a night game. My fam damily has a goal to attend a game in every major league team's stadium. Check this one off the list! We had great seats. There was the coolest party going on right below us. Our new friend Richie turned 70 that day. Thirty of this friends and family suprised him. He thought he was just going to a beloved Yanks game with his friend. Then, everyone shows up in Yankee t-shirts that read, "Richie is 70" on the back. I guess he cried. The entire party was so friendly after they had a few drinks in them! I hope my 70th is this much fun. The girl in front of us was LOVING Joel so he made her a balloon animal. Before we knew it, the entire section wanted one and started placing their orders. I took a couple of videos.

The Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox 6-4. Derek Jeter had 4 RBI's and was a double away from hitting for a cycle. Mr. October strikes again. No wonder New Yorkers love him.

It was here that I felt the closest to New York culture. Thanks, Yanks for a great night.

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