Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can Life Get Better?

On Thursday, Nicole and I were just eating lunch in Rockefeller Plaza, intently talking about life decisions, when these two women approached us. They asked, "Would you ladies like to go to Oprah tomorrow?" Um, is that a question? Turns out, they work for Harpo Studios and Oprah was filming in NYC to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of O Magazine. We explained our work situation and decided we would do anything to miss work for the first two hours. Our supervisor was so cool about it. She kept saying "those are such hot tickets" and "if she gives you a gift - I get to keep it." Kourt and Karly were able to get tickets after work too. So we went to bed early Thursday night and set the alarm for 5:45. Only for Oprah. We hustled to Radio City Music Hall and got in line. As we made our way to the door, Kourt saw a lady passing out yellow wrist bands. She asked, "Are you a producer?" They woman said, "No, I'm over audience preparation." And that's all Kourt needed to hear. She can work it. She explained how it was Karly's 21st birthday and that there were only four of us. Before we knew it we were the first ones in line, yellow wrist bands in hand.
We waited for about an hour until the doors opened and we ran down the aisles of thee Radio City Music Hall. I couldn't believe it. Pretty sure I had goosebumps. Pathetic, I'm fully aware. We were the first ones to grab seats so, naturally, we took the front row - right next to Dr. Phil's wife, Robin and Dr. Oz's wife, Lisa. We sat there for another hour or so just wondering how we got there. I find myself asking that question quite a bit here. How did this happen?

To pass the time, Sally Lou, one of Oprah's main people got the crowd pumped up. She brought people onstage to sing/dance to Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's "New York". It was a blast. Forget news. Forget credibility. I want Sally Lou's job. She had the sweetest gig. I got her attention and asked how she got to that position. She said she knew she wanted to work on a talk show since she was 13-years-old. She's been with Oprah for almost 20 years. I find it so interesting to pull people aside and ask how they got to their current position.
Oprah did not disappoint. She is as poised, calm, and together in person as she seems on television. I wish I could have snapped some pictures, but there was no way. She rocked a sequined skirt with a pink collared shirt, a fabulous belt, and nude shoes (which according to the fashion guru she had later on in the show...nude shoes are the next must-haves). They accentuate and lengthen the legs. Thank you, Oprah. In honor of the big celebration, she had her dream team on the show - Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, and Nate Berkus. They all mentioned some highlights in their articles from this month's issue. Dr. Phil even shaved his mustache. His wife, Robin, was flipping. He may not be getting any for awhile.
In honor of Mother's Day, several soap stars and their daughters gave us a spring mother-daughter fashion show. Vanessa Williams was there...she looks absolutely unreal. Finally, Christina Aguilera interviewed and then performed her latest single "Not Myself Tonight". Great voice. Terrible song. Not a fan. But, she is an amazing performer. You can see us on the show dancing in the front row. After bringing the entire O Magazine staff to the stage, Buddy, the Cake Boss, delivered a huge anniversary cake.

Nicole, Buddy's number one fan, started to tear up. She was so excited to see him! I haven't seen her this emotional our entire stay in New York. She and Blair watch "The Cake Boss" on TLC pretty religiously. I was dying.

We got a few pictures of the stage and then it was off to work. Not a bad Friday. We got to work before noon, filled everyone in on the excitement, and worked hard until closing. My life is complete. I have come full circle.

There was another bombing scare in Times Square that afternoon but it turned out to be nothing more than a bag full of water bottles and newspapers. Everyone is on high alert.
After work, Nicole and I met up with Garrett for dinner at Chipotle. We made a stop at Magnolia Bakery before heading home. The banana cream pudding is to die for. We were exhausted so we decided a nice little stroll around Columbia University would be our activity for the night. This part of town gets so much nicer as you head south. The campus is beautiful. Very charming.

My window overlooks this monument - Grant's Tomb - in honor of the Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

This cathedral is just south of us. We can hear the bells ring. It's beautiful - so new. Different than the European ones I saw last summer that were built in the 1400's!

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