Monday, May 31, 2010

Catch Up!

It's been too long. I'll make this quick. Or at least try to!
Wednesday, May 19th
After work, Nicole, Karly, and I bought student discounted tickets for Mary Poppins. I have been wanting to see this broadway for quite sometime. And it didn't disappoint.

The set and special effects are unbelievable. At one point, Karly even leaned over to me and said, "I feel like I'm at Disneyland!" She said it perfectly. Disney does go all out. And this musical was no exception. Mary Poppins kept pulling large props out of her bag. And Bert even walked on the ceiling. You have to see it. I think the choreography to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" was my absolute favorite. It's a great family musical and a must for all Disney fans.

Thursday, May 20th,
I was feeling cooped up in 30 Rock all day so after work I decided to make my way to Central Park. Little did I know, I would stumble upon the big LOVE sign.

Central Park is just beautiful. There's something for everyone. I love getting lost in it.

I stopped to watch a city co-ed league softball game. I remember playing on one of these fields with my family on our first trip to New York awhile ago. I don't know what it is but there's something very comforting about watching a softball/baseball game. It's probably familiarity. I don't know, but a part of me felt like home. Anyways, I loved it. On my way out, I randomly ran into Nicole and Kourtney!

It's such a blessing having these girls here. They are such hard working, driven, beautiful, sweet girls who would honestly help anyone. How grateful I am to be here experiencing New York with them.

We just wandered throughout the park and walked up Columbus Ave. to the subway. I find that part of the upper west side so charming.

Friday, May 21st
Girl's Weekend! It was the first and only weekend that we would all be together, without family and boys, so we took full advantage. We went to Union Square for dinner at a yummy Cuban restaurant called Havana Central. I ordered a delicious mango chicken dish. I was so over salads at that point, it didn't even phase. Bring on the poultry.

To top things off on our way to the movie theater we passed a Crumb Cupcake Shop. I had my eye out for one of these. It was fate.

Hands down, the best cupcakes in the city I have tasted. Yes, Scott Maddux, better than Magnolia.
Our movie theater was extremely nice, considering we paid $13. We saw "Letters to Juilet" and LOVED it. My parents had seen it and told me they enjoyed it as well. Even Douglas. It's a fabulous love story. Overall, a wonderful night in the city with the girls!

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  1. Kylee!!! Hi! we need to chat so bad.. but Im so glad I finally found your blog so I can stalk you somehow ;) I wish so bad I could get me and my pregnant belly on an airplane, if I could I would be over there in a heart beat! I miss you.. alot! It looks like you are having way too much fun over there, Im so happy for you!! I love you. Lets talk soon!!


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