Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Week in The City

I'm terrible. I have been in New York for over a week and have yet to blog. WARNING - picture overload...

I arrived last Monday after my lay over was delayed for 3+ hours in Chicago. Our shuttle drove recklessly through the city streets and I swear made record time from LaGuardia to the I-House. I couldn't help but laugh. That night, I checked in, found my room, and unpacked. I definitely lucked out in the room department. I have the best view overlooking the Hudson and a park. I love waking up it every morning. I also have my own sink which is extremely convienent. My room is right next to the men's bathroom, so the first night I had a rude awakening. Lots of males. Ethnic males. Ethnic males in towels. A little different than waking up to the girls of 426. I figured the girls' bathroom was just down the hall as well. Little did I know. I was too quick to strip down and grab my shower caddy. Before I knew it I was wandering the entire a towel...looking for the girls'bathroom which happens to be on the opposite side of the floor. Real nice seeing as how I have to go in the middle of the night, every night. Ridiculous. All in all, I'm familiarizing myself with the I-House and I feel very safe here which is comforting, seeing as how we live in Harlem.

Last Tuesday was orientation day. I got my I.D. and other creditials taken care of. Then we went exploring to find the best route to work for the next day.

This is in 30 Rock...just as you enter.

Cute Karly! J. Crew is on the first floor of our building. How fitting. NBC isn't telling us how to dress or anything! Did I mention Anthropologie is right across the street? And all of the stores on Fifth Avenue are not even a block away. Needless to say, our lunch breaks are pretty busy!

Work is going great. The exposure is almost overwhelming. I ran into Ann Curry in the halls on our first day. I just stared at her. She was so pleasant. Rumor has it...she talks to all of the Dateline interns each semester...I cannot wait to pick her brain. Also, yesterday Nicole and I were eating lunch on one of the benches just outside of 30 Rock and we saw Brian Williams from Nightly News. He looked at us funny, so we said hi and told him we are interns with NBC. He said, "I thought you looked familiar." Haha, we have never seen him. Bless his heart, he was being nice. Probably thought we were someone else. Anyways, I have been asked not to blog about things I work on at this blog will cover things outside of 9:30 - 5:30 Monday - Friday.

Shout out to the Marriot School...

We strolled through Times Square and came across this cool little information center. They had a past New Years Eve ball on display.

People wrote their hopes and dreams on a piece of confetti that was dropped when the clock struck twelve. It was touching to see what some wished for.

Sayings ranged from "I hope to sell my car this year," to "I wish my love would marry me in 2010."

After enjoying the girls for a couple of hours, it was time to party with Scott Maddux. He got in from Boston that afternoon. And I couldn't wait to see him considering it was his birthday!

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  1. kyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. this is so exciting! i am so happy for you. it's fun to hear about your adventures via the blog + via scott. :)

    you're adorable.
    miss seeing you here.


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