Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Weekend...

I'm falling behind on the posts...bad news bears. After our big Oprah high last weekend, we were exhausted. I didn't set the alarm and it was the best. Ever. Nicole and I met with a big group from class to see the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). It was a good time...but I find myself comparing NY museums to European ones. And let's be honest, when you have seen some of the originals - mere copies just don't do it!
This painting of Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" is famous for its example of pointillism. The original is in Chicago and I have yet to see it. Ferris Bueller anyone?

The MET was wonderful, however, I was anxious to get outside. Nicole, Charlotte, and I grabbed some lunch and made our way to Canal St. As we transferred to the shuttle, look who we ran into...

My sweet friend Hilary Neeleman and her adorable boyfriend, Steve. Seriously, out of all the trains in New York City! I was so thrilled to see her. They were in town visiting for the weekend. Little did she know he proposed that night! Congrats, you two!
Canal St. is a riot. We met up with Karly and James and had so much fun talking with the vendors. They get right up in your face and say, "Handbag?" or "Rolex?" It's a struggle to keep from laughing. One man even laughed and asked if I was with the police. I can only squeeze through crowds of people who are eyeing over the same goods in every store for so long. I tend to get a tad claustrophobic in those settings. But it's so fascinating to just watch people. We all got gelato in Little Italy, which was yummy. Then, Nicole and I started heading for the subway when different salesmen on the street asked, "Gucci purse?" We decided to humor them. So I made sure I was on the phone telling someone of our exact location as this man led us through a "secret door", up some stairs, through another "secret door" until we hit our destination: knock-off Tiffany jewelry and Coach purses. This room was full of people. I couldn't stop laughing. I found the entire situation quite comical. We browsed for awhile, ended up buying some earrings, and were ready to leave. I remembered from a previous trip to NYC that some men sell designer jeans as well. We asked a few people on the street and one man said, "Follow me." Nicole and I just looked at each other and were on our way. He took us to another shop about a block away, up another "hidden" staircase, and to a room full African-American men and R&R and True Religions. Yeah, probably not the best situation. I decided to try on a pair. That was dumb. They took me to this open closet and Nicole just stood at the door. I was clearly covered but more men started coming up into the room. Here we are, two blondes, 10+ men, in an isolated room, and I don't have my pants on...solid. Thankfully, they did not have their way with us. The jeans fit funny. At one point, when more men were piling into the room, Nicole looked at me and said, "Ky, we gotta get out of here!" I don't think I could have put on my pants faster. We thanked them and were out. We could have been smarter - but hey it's all the experience, right? Just don't tell Doug.
As we walked down a street in the upper east side we saw a group of people working a photoshoot.

Next stop: the Financial District. We made our way toward Ground 0. I took some pictures of the construction of the new 9/11 memorial.

I just got such a chilling feeling when I thought about being in this part of town during the tragedy of 9/11. I can't even imagine. We walked around for awhile and looked in Century 21 (a store similar to Nordstrom Rack - but with stores from 5th Ave.) We walked our lil feet off. Any girl could do some serious damage in Century 21. I need to go back when I'm in more of a shopping mood and can give it my full attention! Century 21 Trip - to be continued.
We saw the American Stock Exchange.

It was such a windy day in the city, one of the windest I have ever experienced. We decided to tough it out and make a stop at Battery Park which overlooks Liberty and Ellis Island. We made it just in time as the sun was setting.

As you can see, the wind was pretty brutal. We rushed to get on the subway where we experienced something new - having the entire car all to ourselves!

We got off in Times Square only to visit H&M and try on their swim suits for $4.95. They are advertised all over the city. We passed through Rockefeller Plaza at night and it was beautiful. I forget that I work in such a tourist attraction in the heart of the city. It was so neat to see it at night. We made it home late and I went to bed without setting an alarm. Again.

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  1. How FUN!? I am so glad that you are taking full advantage of being there...BUT don't follow strange men into dark rooms with other strange men who are asking you to try on clothes....hahahaha...oh geez. I bet Doug loved that.


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