Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love the Manhattan 8th

Sunday was a much needed rest day. I went to church above the Temple and attended the Manhattan 8th Ward. All of my meetings were fantastic. Our secound counselor and his wife taught marriage prep. They had the cutest little boy who just drew on the chalkboard and would sneak a bite of chalk when his mom wasn't looking. I was dying. Anyways, they're such a power couple. They both attended law schools, he went to Columbia, and she went to City of NY University. She didn't know if her schooling would pay itself off after she started working because they wanted to start their family shortly after she graduated. However, it was important to her and therefore, important to him. I thought their story was very neat.
After church, a sweet member of the bishopric and his family had all of the newcomers to the ward over for brunch. The Todd's were so nice to treat us all - even with their two young kids running around. They live in one of the most spacious apartments I have seen in the city. The bishopric has been so good to us during our short stay here in city. Thank you Todd family for a yummy meal!

Have I mentioned I love brunch? The concept is ideal. It's the perfect time of day to eat a big meal before a nice Sunday nap. Here's to Sunday brunch!

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