Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love Saturdays in The City

Scott Maddux and I were determined to pack as many activites into our first weekend in the city. We even had planning meetings the night before to map out our days. We like to get things done! However, I did sleep in. I needed it. Our first stop - Baptisms at the Manhattan Temple. This was neat - after they heard we went to BYU they treated us like royalty. The temple is just below the chapel where we attend church. It honestly comes out of no where. It's in a very nice part of town - pictures to come! After baptisms we walked around, got a snack at Pinkberry (which beats any yogurt shop in Provo), and headed toward Central Park. We came across the cutest street market with different vendors right next to the Museum of Natural History. It was such a nice day so we just took our time looking.

I'm honestly in love with this part of the upper west side. 50 streets south of where we live makes a huge difference. We are in the projects compared to this area. Home Sweet Harlem. We even ran into a Shake Shack...I had been on a hunt since I arrived.

We explored Central Park for a couple of hours. We found the most interesting people. Our first sighting - John Lenon's Memorial. His lil fan club put flowers around the memorial while singing their version of "Hello Goodbye".

We discovered a roller skating rink that the park blocks off every weekend. This party was bumpin. Took me back to my "Skateland" days. The park veterans were there to impress and even give lessons. It was so fun to watch. Some of them were extremely talented.

Since the week had been pretty cold, the sunny weekend brought everyone to the park. And when I say everyone - I mean all 8 million people who live in this city. I didn't get the memo to wear my bikini to the park that day. Everyone else did.

People were playing smashball, throwing a football, and making human pyramids. I, on the other hand, took a nap. And it was wonderful. Then Scott and I took a taxi to meet up with his good friend and mentor for investment banking, Justin Birch. We ate a restaurant called Hillstone. It was so good, but I still had room for ice cream. Is that ever a question, really? It was so great to finally meet Justin. He has been so good to Scott during this whole internship process. So after dinner we headed to the Shake Shack...the line was ridiculous. I even stood in the quick line just for a cone and it still took awhile. The atmosphere was so neat. Very picturesque. I love the hanging lights in the park look. It's a must in the city. It was packed so I'll have to come back sometime and eat.

The rest of the night we just walked around. I think wandering New York City at night is one of my favorite things to do. And it was much safer with strong Scott. He has been working out you know.

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