Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rainy Week...

Monday we got to work an hour early to cover for one of our supervisors. The days at work just seem to go by faster and faster. The weather wasn't the best all week so for the first couple of days we didn't do a whole lot. After work on Monday, I met Kathryn Hopkins, a friend from the broadcast program who interned with Dateline last year, her mom, and Anna at Junior's. This restaurant is right by the Lion King Theatre on 7th Ave. and 45th St. The portions were huge and they are known for their yummy cheesecakes. We just sat at a table and talked for four hours. I couldn't believe how fast the time went. We picked Kathryn's brain about fun things to do in the city, reminisced on broadcast memories, and just caught up on everyone's life.

These girls are unreal. Kathryn just graduated from BYU in three years and starts her Master's Program in Technological Instruction at Utah State this fall. As for Anna, her options are basically endless. She's intering at National Geographic Television for the summer and could possibly stay here long-term or go back to BYU and finish her double-major in English. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such lovely, ambitious girls who in turn, make me want to be better.

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