Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Night Full of Fun

Last weekend was a great time. After working in this building for 8 hours Nicole and I met up with Karly and Co. at tkts. Allison, James' sister, visited the city with her good friend, Amber, for the day. We bought Billy Elliot tickets and were off to get New York's finest pizza. This was my second time at John's and they didn't let us down. It is a MUST in NYC. We headed to the theater and I was pleasantly surprised with our seats. Tkts came through again. We were on the far side of the mezzanine which made it a little difficult to see our side of the stage, but we managed! Overall, I loved this Broadway show. It's based on the UK Coal Mine Strike of 1984. It was a victory for Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party and her free market program. I learned about Thatcher in my British History class last summer in London so it was neat to connect the dots. Anyways, Billy Elliot comes from a family of manly men who go on strike. His father makes Billy attend boxing lessons when he actully prefers ballet. It's an ongoing battle to get his father on his side. Aside from some foul language, this show is full of fun music, boys in tutus, and some sentimental moments. Billy's mom had passed away a couple of years before, but she appears to him in quiet, touching settings throughout the plot. I couldn't help but think of my own sweet Mom and tear up. Overall, it was a great show to start the weekend. The children perfomers were extremely impressive. There are so many talented people in this world, it blows my mind. The lead was incredible, such a great dancer and had an amazing voice. I would highly recommend it. After the show, we headed to Times Square where we saw some of our fellow BYU interns. Times Square at night is packed. Take note of the mass amounts of people behind us. We headed to 42nd St. and got on the subway. We always get off on 125th St. however sometimes on weekends the subway stops change. I guess our subway driver announced he would skip 125th and the next stop would be 145th. Well, we tend to talk on our subway rides so you can imagine our confusion when we drove straight through our stop. I started to voice our concern when this snappy lady proceeded to say, "He has announced it multiple times...he's not stopping here." She gave me the dirtiest look. In addition to being oblivious,we apparently must be somewhat loud and annoying on our subway rides. We were so scared to get off and cross the street to the other side, so we ran as fast as we could.

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  1. ky~

    it looks like you guys had soooo much fun!! i miss you....come back to provo already....can't wait for september!!! love you


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