Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scott Maddux Visits NY

This boy has waited a long time to make an appearance on the blog. And what better time to introduce than on his birthday?!

He turned the big 2-3 on April 27th. I sure hope he had a great day. He met me in Times Square and then we explored a bit. It was so good so see him! The kid has traveled to New York five times in the past seven months for internship purposes. He knows the city so well. I took advantage of his sense of direction all week and just followed him around. Now that he's gone, I have to learn for myself!

We shopped around for awhile and then went to dinner in Soho at a mexican restaurant called La Esquina. This place was so unique. Scott had been there before so he knew the ropes. It looks like a little taco shop from the outside, but once 6:00 hits they open the basement door and start letting people down the stairs. The lighting was very dim and the atmosphere was so fun. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Next, we just walked around the city at night and Scott showed me where his brother and sister-in-law used to live. It was such a pretty area. They were a block away from a Magnolia Bakery...not a bad gig. We stopped by and I ordered a divine red velvet cupcake and Scott got his usual banana cream pudding. Both were delish.

Sex and The City...What?!

We took the subway home but got off on a stop further from the I-House. Bad move. We walked right through the heart of Harlem - I won't sugarcoat things - I was scared. Thank heavens for Scott Maddux! Happy Birthday! I hope 23 is the best year yet!

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