Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whirlwind of a Week

Monday came too quickly! 9:30-5:30 goes by pretty fast. We got on the subway that morning and I was drenched in sweat when we got off. It was so humid. I couldn't help but feel so sticky for the remainder of the day...disclaimer on the upcoming pictures. After work we grabbed some salads at this neat place called Half & Hearty. It was delicious. We all just sat outside on 6th Ave. and 50th St. and ate our dinner while talking about our days. It's such a blessing to be here with Kourt, Kars, and Nicole. I am one lucky girl. After dinner we headed toward tkts to see if we could grab some tickets for a show. Before you know it we are chatting with some sassy gay men and they give us 2 free tickets to Rock of The Ages. I was probably too trusting at first, but they seemed so nice! So we bought two more tickets and split the cost 4 ways. Perfect. A great show for $25...almost unheard of. We lucked out.

On our way to Brooks Atkinson Theatre We saw a CNN reporter doing her live hit in Times Square on the bombing scare the previous weekend. They looked as if they were packing up so we jumped in and started asking questions.

Turns out her name is Adriana Hauser and she reports for CNN En Espanol. She interned with ABC when she was our age and totally related to our current internship experience. She was extremely nice and even stayed to chat while her news truck went back to TimeWarner. She then climbed the ladder as a producer. Her news director encouraged her to report and she finally agreed. She gave me hope that people can start in a big market right out of college and make it in network news. However, she does have Spanish to set her apart, which is huge. I wonder if its too late to learn a new language? One would think I would have some Spanish background due to spring breaks spent in Rocky Point and living in AZ. But somehow I always remember falling asleep in Spanish I and II back in my Mountain View Toro days. The only phrase that comes to mind is "Donde estan el bano?!" Where is the bathroom? What a shame. I may result to the Rosetta Stone discs. Anyways, she was a gem. She told us exactly what we needed to hear that day. Tender mercy. New Yorkers keep surprising me with their kindness.

We made it to the theatre. I was getting real excited for the music. It was all 80's. Def Leppard, Journey, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake, etc. It reminded me of We Will Rock You, a musical I saw in London back in high school that featured all of Queen's music. Douglas would have loved this show - I knew all of the songs because of him. It was sooo good. I felt like I was at a rock concert. The lead was played by Constantine Maroulis from American Idol. And the female lead was played by Emily Padgett - remember the name, she is going places. She had the body and voice of a superstar. She made me never want to eat again. I would be reluctant to take a date to this show, it's definitely risque at times. Plus, they would think every girl should have abs like Emily's, not realistic expectations. I would go see it again in a heartbeat.

After the show, I called the fam as we walked to the subway. We made it to the I-House safe and sound. I took a much needed shower and was off to bed. What a way to start the week. I think I still have "Here I Go Again" stuck in my head.

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