Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fam Damily Visits The City

Sweet Mendi Sue and Grandma Marilyn came to New York for a visit. Despite a few flight delays and a shuttle mix up, I found them amidst all of the chaos at Penn Station. It was so wonderful to see familiar faces in the city. I knew I would be in good hands for the week.
I was fortunate to work on the crash "Oil Spill" story at Dateline, so things were a bit crazy at work. However, My mom and grandma did get to meet me for lunch on Wednesday at my favorite salad place, Hale & Hearty. They ventured off on their own the first few days while I was working and saw Ground Zero, Century 21, Central Park, and shopped on 5th Avenue. I was able to take Friday off and spend lots of time with them. It was so wonderful to stay in their nice hotel during the hottest week I was there. A BIG thanks to Aunt Cyndi for getting all of the traveling arrangements/tickets taken care of. We so wish you could have joined in on the fun! Here are a few highlights from the week.

1. Pinkberry. These two went twice in one day. Talk about love. There was on right next to our hotel and the employees knew us by name...pathetic.

2. Yankees Game. They beat the Baltimore Orioles. We sat next to a few New Jersey Policemen who were not to happy that we were late and made them get out of our seats. But, by the end of the night they knew I was a BYU student and kept asking me questions about the HBO Series "Big Love". They were a treat. I was so glad my mom and grandma got to see the new stadium. It is unreal.

3. MEMPHIS. This musical is a must-see. It just won this year's Tony Award for "Best Musical". We hadn't heard much about it, but I think it's one of my favorite Broadways I have ever seen. Good call, Aunt Cyndi.

If you are headed to New York City anytime soon, please do yourself a favor and see this musical. The leads are incredible, the music is unforgettable, and the dancing is amazing. Chad Kimball plays Huey and he's probably the best acting performance I have ever seen in a musical. He stays so in character throughout each scene. Montego Glover plays Felicia and has a remarkable voice. The plot follows a white DJ who is ready to take on the world and a black singer ready for her big break. We were lucky enough to have Scott Maddux join us! Grandma was loving him.
Classic Times Square Shot

4. Tiffany & Co. We spent a good amount of time there one morning. Our sweet helper, Gary, was too good to us! They LOVED FAO Schwarz, highlight of the trip.

5. Carousel Ride in Central Park. Call us 8-years-old, but we HAD to do this. After our lil ride, we watched a co-ed softball game followed by some fine dining at Shake Shack.

6. In The Heights. We all entered the lottery for the matinee showing of In The Heights. FYI - if you are searching for Broadway tickets, there are multiple options to get them for better prices. Each theatre varies, but some have similar policies. For instance, some offer student-discounted tickets for under $30 if you go to the theatre's box office day of. The seats are normally in the first 2 rows which are still pretty good! However, In The Heights has a lottery system that takes place two hours before the show at the theatre. All you have to do is show up, fill out a form, have cash and a photo id available and you are good to go. There were quite a few people that entered the drawing so we were unsure as to what to expect. Turns out they called both my name and my grandma's name. We were able to get four front row tickets for under $100, isn't that great?!

This musical took place in Washington Heights, a Latino community just 25 streets north of where I stayed in Manhattan. Corbin Bleu is the lead and he raps throughout the musical. It's extremely fast-paced, modern, fresh, humorous, and hip. It's unlike any musical I have seen before. It attracts a younger audience, but I think everyone had a good time. I even teared up in a couple of scenes, nothing unusual, but I wasn't expecting it. If are looking for a show in the city, see In The Heights. There's nothing like a good show.

7. John's Pizzeria. I took the crew to John's Pizzeria, my favorite NYC pizza. This particular location is in an old theatre. I think it even passed Grandma's test, no easy task!

8. Macy's. This was my first time going to the HUGE Macy's. It's right next to Penn Station and takes up an entire block. This was a priority for Grandma, she is a shopper. So we spent a couple of hours looking for things for family members.

9. I took them to sacrament meeting at the singles ward. They loved the Manhattan Temple. The location is so interesting. It's such an escape from the honking cabs, constant sirens, and hurried pedestrians.

They were quite the sight to see on the subway! I loved every minute with these two. I just dragged them from place to place. They were such troopers. Grandma held up like a champ, I was so impressed. Thanks for all of the fun Mom and Grandma! NYC wasn't the same after you left. Thanks for the comfy hotel bed, pinkberry runs, musicals, shopping, yummy food, etc. I will never forget our week.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston Bound!

Five of us had the brilliant idea of traveling to Boston, site seeing, and returning to New York all within 27 hours. Our dear friends at Megabus made this possible. I have only been to Boston once before and it was about three years ago exact as part of my senior trip. I knew I could easily go back and catch a game at Fenway. So, one weekend when the Sox were in town we made the trip up north. Here's a log of what our day consisted of:

Saturday, May 29th

Midnight - Took the subway to Penn Station.
On our way, this man sat down next to Ben, gazed awkwardly at him, pulled out his supplies, and started drawing his profile. Ben was a good sport and the picture actually turned out pretty good. Love those subway encounters.

1:30 A.M. - Boarded the Megabus. Jordan and I tried to take up the entire back row however, some crazy woman prevented us from doing so. Regardless, Jordan could not have been happier to have the middle seat which provided him all the leg room needed. Slept for the majority of the four hour bus ride.

5:30 A.M. - Just Touchdown in Boston Town

6:00 A.M. - Wander aimlessly until we run into Boston Harbor. Who visits Boston Harbor at 6AM? We do. And apparently, no one else. This is where the Boston Tea Party took place.Jordan taking it all in...

7:00 A.M. - Took a nap on a nearby dock.

7:30 A.M. - Charlotte and I bought Boston jackets. Now we really look like tourists. Or locals, take your pick.

8:00 A.M. - Walked the historic Freedom Trail throughout Boston. It's a 2.5 mile jaunt that highlights major sites of the American Revolution. Hello American Heritage! I felt as if I was walking through the pages of the infamous textbook "A City Upon A Hill". Any cougar knows what I'm talking about. Lucky for me, I loved American Heritage. I know, crazy. But it's one of my favorite classes at BYU. I even contemplated changing my major to American Studies. My point being, I enjoyed the Boston's Freedom Trail.

Statue of Benjamin FranklinPaul Revere's Grave Site
John Winthrop's Grave Site
10:00 A.M. - Ate breakfast at Fanueil Hall. This was the cutest marketplace.
11:00 A.M. - Shopped around at Quincy Market, watched street performers, ate yummy fresh fruit from a nearby farmers' market. The atmosphere was so fun...I was loving every minute!
1:00 P.M. - Nap Time. We were exhausted and needed a lil pick-me-up. So we crashed in a nice park.2:00 P.M. - We had intentions of finding the Boston Temple however, after some inefficient iPhone usage and an hour of walking we were lead to an LDS Stake Center. Quite comical, really. We decided to cut our losses and head to Harvard. We did see a few cool things along the way.
The Boston Garden
Rough loss...

3:30 P.M. - We took the subway to Harvard University and walked around the historic campus. They were having class reunions that weekend so the courtyards were packed with alumni and their families. My favorite part of the campus was the Memorial Hall. It's absolutely beautiful.
The memorial is dedicated to those who died preserving the union during the Civil War. Each name had the birthplace, major, and battle of death place listed. I also loved the Harvard Law School buildings. 4:30 P.M. - We headed to downtown Cambridge, such a charming college town. We grabbed some yummy cupcakes at the cutest shop called "Sweet".
5:30 P.M. - Now for the highlight of the trip: Fenway Stadium. Out of all of the ballparks I have been to Fenway is my favorite. I love the colors. Red. Blue. Green. As in the Green Monster. There's something about the atmosphere that just screams AMERICA. Love it. This place is near and dear. Here are some shots of famous Yawkey Way.
And as for the stadium...
This woman has the best job ever. She is a sports reporter for CSN and works specificly with the Red Sox. What a gig.
This is a highlight of any Red Sox game. In the middle of every 8th inning the crowd sings Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline". It's a treat. See for yourself. Don't mind the shaky photography skills and magical voices.

The Sox beat the Kansas City Royals 1-0. It wasn't the best offensive game to watch, but just being there was a blast.
10:30 P.M. - We battled the crowd to get to the subway and back to the train station.
11:59 P.M. - All aboard the Megabus. Back to the city. Worked. We didn't get back to the Ihouse until 5. So we slept until 1:00 Church.

We packed our 27-hour trip full of fun. I think Boston is such a colonial, charming, historic, fun city. It's much more balanced and practical than the city. You can still enjoy the perks of city life yet live in a residential area ten minutes away. I could live in Boston...aside from the frigid winters. I'm so happy I was able to take a trip during my time on the east coast, it was well worth it.

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