Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Final Semester

One month down in the final semester of my undergraduate degree and I don't really know how I feel about it.
Excited that I made it through.
Yet sad my BYU years are coming to a close.
It's been such a growing experience in every aspect of my life.
But, ready or not, it's time for the next chapter.
So, I figured might as well go out with a bang.
This semester has been wonderful so far.
It took too much time to solidify my schedule...
but after many hours...here's what I've been up to!
- Finishing up that dang Business Minor with a Financial Management and Marketing class
(I secretly enjoy both...Marketing would have been such a fun major)
- Taking 3 Religion classes
1. History of the Church with the legendary Susan Easton Black
Everyone MUST take her classes before they graduate.
She has a photographic memory. No Powerpoints. No notes. Just talks about the subject from memory. While her students take copious notes. Seriously, she is a walking church history book. I leave that class with an ache in my hand that stays for an hour.
Botton line: she's incredible.
2. Living Prophets
I have a better knowledge and appreciation for our Church leaders.
We learn about a member of the Twelve each lecture.
Their childhood, education, family life, and careers.
I think their should be a class just on their wives...
Needless to say, I find myself wanting to do the reading for this class.
3. Pearl of Great Price
A pleasant surprise.
I heard this was a good class to take before you leave BYU, so I signed up.
I haven't spent alot of time in the PGP,
but we've already touched on some pretty deep doctrine.
Before I applied to BYU, I heard the religion classes were way too hard, hurt the GPA, and weren't all that beneficial.
I could not disagree more.
I feel these classes have been one of the biggest blessings.
I leave class enlightened with my testimony stregthened.
- And my last elective as a BYU undergrad...Event Planning.
My group just completed our biggest project of the semester,
so now it's smooth sailing.
Our professor is darling.
She's been a single mother of four for the past eight years and just got engaged.
She even wants us to help her plan her wedding.
Talk about hands-on experience.
Aside from classes:
- I anchor ElevenNews at Noon on KBYU Channel 11 on Wednesdays.
We have the best news crew.
I love my co-anchor, Andrew Reeser.
My roommates say he's the next Tom Brokaw.
Pretty sure my grandma is our only viewer.
But, we have a good time...and learn lots along the way.
- Lastly, I started working as a reporter for BYU Weekly.
My first paid reporting job ever.
I love my boss and everyone else at the show.
And....best part....we have our own cameramen.
And editors.
So I can actually focus on writing and interviewing.
This set up will probably be better than my first four jobs in the real world.
More on that to come.
This semester is a great way to go out.
I may even say, after four years, I'm a true Coug fan.


  1. yay! congrats on byu weekly. getting paid to report + having photographers = awesome. and it can even be done at your first job (if you pick the right one).

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  3. I can't read this....Control + HAL....is the hotkey to left justify


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