Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hawaii is for Honeymooners

This is where you could find us.
All day. 
Sitting on the beach.
Basking in the sun.  
Lava flow in hand. 
Virgin, of course.
The drink...not us. 
Without a care in the world. 
After working long hours in Mississippi, Scott working ungodly hours in New York, a seven month long distance engagement, and a week full of the greatest wedding festivities, this bride and groom were thrashed.
Needless to say, we welcomed our honeymoon with open arms. 
Scott's boss man was soooo surprisingly good to him and he got some much needed time off.
So we decided to take full advantage.
We hit up three Hawaiian Islands in almost two weeks. 

The most heavenly thing I learned about Hawaii happened right when we stepped off the plane -- 
we were hit with immediate relaxation. 
Immediate, I tell you. 
I've never felt anything like it before. 
Just thinking about it lowers my stress level.
We didn't do anything we didn't want to do the entire two weeks. 
And that, my friends, was the second best part of our honeymoon. 
We started our journey on the island of Maui. 
We stayed at a resort in beautiful Wailea --
and hardly left. 
You couldn't stop us at the breakfast buffet.
We hung out by the beach, got a couples massage, checked out the water slide -- 
okay, Scott checked out the water slide. 
And ate our hearts out at the resort's tastiest restaurant, Ko, more times than I'm willing to admit. 

We spent one of our days in Maui in the town of Kaanapali.
We shopped at Whalers Village, found a Yogurtland, 
and then did something we both have always wanted to do. 
I had my hesitations as to the safety of this water sport. 
But once we found a company called UFO Parasailing -- my worries were put to rest. 
I doubt our crew had much training but they got us up there. 

The views were beautiful from the top 
and it was surprisingly quiet and calm.
Our harnesses were such a joke. 
I'm just glad they withheld our weight for the ride. 
Andddd we survived, the Honeymoon Dip. 
The crew thought they were hilarious and said they dunk all honeymoon 
couples into the ocean on their decent. 
I thought it was all fun  and games until we hit the water. 
Scott had the form down. Feet in front. Knees bent up to the stomach.
I on the other hand, didn't know what was going on. 
And before I knew it, I was being dragged thru the waves. 
At one point, I may have thought I was drowning. 
Not my finest moment. 

Scott and I laughed at this picture for days. 
Who has the better form, huh?
I look like a dying frog. 
No athleticism here.
Hanging on for dear life. 
It was way fun, but probably the first and last time I parasail. 
We spent that night wandering around the cutest town, Lahaina.
We had dinner at a cafe, hit up Local Boyz Shaved Ice, and took in the sights. 

The next day was Halloween.
We were honeymooners (so creative) and did the famous Road to Hana.
We stopped at a few sites along the way.

What up, Johnny Tsunami?

 It was a good day trip -- with narrow, curvy roads.
I think we memorized a few Hawaiian pop songs on the radio. 
Pretty catchy, if you ask me. 
 We hiked to a waterfall at one of the stops.
  It was a pretty path -- filled with tourists from all over the world. 
 I thought it was funny watching some Europeans take their first dip. 

We stopped on the side of the road to buy this coconut and drink its insides. 
You know, like the locals. Pshhhhh.
Don't let that thumbs up fool you -- that pic was taken before I took a sip.
Coconut water is foul.

 The Road to Hana took us through these small beach side towns.
This one above is full of taro fields -- a popular potato-like plant. 

And after hours in a car, here it is -- Heavenly Hana.  
It's a small coastal village full of lush green trees, small town shops, and local people. 
The beach had the darkest sand I'd ever seen. 

Definitely a must-do in Maui.
The views are worth seeing once in a lifetime. 
All the sharp turns in the car kinda made me sick.
 But, it wasn't anything a pizza couldn't cure. 
We ended our Halloween night at Flatbread Company in the small, granola town of Paia.
I loved seeing the whole town dress up and trick-or-treat on the Main Street shops. 
 We saw some pretty interesting costumes come in and out of the restaurant. 
 But this lil guy and a homemade Thomas the Tank Engine were my favorites of the night. 
Hope his parents didn't mind my creepy self taking a picture of their child. 
It's not every Halloween you get to be on your honeymoon.
Thanks, Scott Maddux, for giving me a legit excuse to wear a swim suit 
on the most scantily-clad holiday. 
 I didn't even have to hit up an Alpine Village party. 
What a win-win. 

Definitely the most memorable Halloween to date. 

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