Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big Island

Our next stop -- the Big Island. 
Ever heard of Pacific Wings Airlines?!
Neither had we. 
But they were getting us from Maui to our next destination and man, was it an adventure!

This was our bag check/security check/gate all in one. 
We were confused because no one was working the gate when we arrived. 
Rest assured, there was a sign near a telephone saying "Pick Up to Check In".
So we did. 
The phone called the corporate office to take care of passenger check in and they informed us that the pilots would be there shortly to check our bags. 
Low and behold, two pilots who looked like 18-year-old Justin Bieber fans showed up, checked our ID's, and took our bags. 
But not before asking if our weight listed on our ID's was accurate -- for flight purposes.
So the five pounds of pineapple we had eaten that morning could have been detrimental to more than just our waistlines. 
Lives were at stake, people.  
Here is my hesitant face. 
Note the YOUNG-looking pilot behind me who we were entrusting with our lives. 
The whole thing was pretty hilarious. 
We were two of maybe eight passengers that the plane could hold. 
For a minute, we thought I might have to start turning the propellers
 to get us off the ground.
Thankfully, we made it.

Annddd just in time for a luau at a nearby resort. 

We got the biggest kick out of this!
Especially, when they picked my new husband to shake his groove thang
 with a hot lil hula dancer. 

I'm not sure his hula moves were cutting it -- so he resorted to his infamous --
 "Wash the Dog". 
And if you've seen Scott in all his dancing glory, you've seen this move. 
It made an appearance in our engagement video and he wore it out at our reception. 
I sure think he can cut a rug. 
But I may be the only one.

The crowd was loving his unconventional hula. 
Our Hawaiian friends even said, "Yeah, we can tell you go to the clubs".
Close...try stake dances. 

This was our view at breakfast. 
We stayed at the Mauna Kea Hotel right on Kaunaoa Beach.
It's on the Kohala Coast on the northwestern part of the island. 
The hotel was built in the 1960's and is pretty historic...even in the Maddux Family!
Scott's grandparent's came here for their "second honeymoon" after they converted to the church and were sealed in the the temple. 
Funny, right? 
It was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. 
 I dream of going back everyday. 
We were the youngest hotel guests by far -- most were senior citizens enjoying retirement. 
Which only added to the quiet atmosphere of this beloved place. 
Again, with the lava flow...
One night, we went to dinner at Merriman's.
It was delicious and another Maddux Family fav. 
This one is for you, Grandpa Jim. 
If Scott was going to accomplish anything this trip it was to get me to like eating fish. 
He ordered it almost every meal. 
I would try it, just for the halibut, but couldn't bring myself to love it. 
Sorry, big guy. I'll stick with my steak and chicken. 

The next day we did something on my bucket list -- swimming with dolphins. 
I was thrilled and probably didn't stop smiling all day. 
We went to a nearby resort to do this activity and
 had to call in advance to reserve our spots for the "Dolphin Encounter".
I'm not sure what I was expecting.
 But when Scott found out he couldn't hold onto the dolphins and go for a ride, 
he was a little disappointed. 
I guess he thought he would get to do front flips off their fins or something. 
I kept him from causing a scene at the front desk.
Apparently, this particular resort is all about preserving the
 health and life of their marine mammals. 
Go figure. 

Meet Nimbus. 
He is a seven-year-old male dolphin who is responsible for the three baby dolphins at the resort. 
Clearly, all the ladies love him and he gets around. 
How could he not with that face?
I loved him so.
The trainers were great, taught us some dolphin anatomy, and showed us some tricks. 
This was easily one of my favorite things of our entire trip. 
Check Scott's child-size vest. Lookin good, babe. 

After our dolphin encounter, we explored the island. 
We found the Kona, Hawaii Temple in a small neighborhood. 
It's absolutely beautiful. 

On our last day on the Kohala Coast, we took it so easy. 
Slept in. 
Ate at the best little taco shop and drank a much-craved chocolate milkshake. 
Douglas would be so proud, he always finds the best milkshakes anywhere we go. 
Then we sat on the beach and watched the most beautiful sunset. 

It was one of my favorite, most relaxing nights with this guy of mine. 
Not because of where we were, but because we were finally together 
and in this wonderful, incredible time of life.  

I remember asking Scott Maddux what we were going to do with the rest of our lives.
 Ya know, now that we are old and married. 
We both agreed to fill them with many more moments just like this one. 

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