Monday, January 28, 2013

Bachelorette Party

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
T minus four days until marriage.
Family and friends had started getting into town. 
The hustle and bustle of all things wedding was unlike anything I've ever experienced.
Douglas (my dad) and I spent the entire day sorting through my stuff, deciding what to ship to New York, and what to leave behind. 
I felt like my life was stuffed into boxes filled with vacuum sealed storage bags. 
(Which I highly recommend - as my closet is now filled with them).
It was quite the task. 
But fun to do with my dad -- because he's a party. 
Needless to say, after the sun went down I was ready for a night with my girls. 

Katelin planned a bachelorette party with a few of  my dear friends who were in town. 
We all met at BJ's for some yummy food.  
McKenzie, Chelsey, Kenz, Kate, Makall, & Natalie
You girls are the greatest. 
I know you were all crazy busy with work and school in the middle of the week, 
so I can't thank you enough for coming, and of course,
 filling me in on everything I needed to know! 
We went back to Kate's darling apartment and had delicious desserts and opened gifts. 
Everyone spoiled me with all the necessities.

That night was just another testament to me of the
 incredible friends I have had throughout my life. 
You girls are unbelievable. 
This picture makes me laugh every time. 
Total cheese ball. 
But, you're allowed to on your wedding week right?! 
I'd like to think so. 

That night, I left my friends and headed straight to Sky Harbor Airport to get my groom. 
After more than a year of being apart, 
this was the last time I'd pick him up before we were married. 
He was a sight for sore eyes. 
And little did he know, he was in for the craziest week of his life. 

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