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Bridal Shower Bliss

Saturday, October 20, 2012
One week before our wedding, three of my best friends and their wonderful mothers gave me the most beautiful bridal shower. 
It was such a delightful day. 
One I will never forget. 
I felt so loved thanks to these women, all of whom I just adore.  
Here are three of the six pretty party planners.
Makall flew from Washington D.C. for the wedding festivities.
The night we got engaged she was one of the first I called. 
She text me later that night and asked to throw my bridal shower seven months in advance.
This girl is unreal. 

My sweet Kate put in countless hours to pull this off.
She found the most darling invitations on etsy. 
Somehow, she interviewed Scott from across the country and put together a video for a shower game. 
And she made the cutest party favors that were to die for. 
Girl's got talent. 
My dear Carli Girl. 
She and her mom hosted the shower. 
Their home is incredible. 
So colorful, cheery, and lovely. 
I mean, the walls just scream "Don't worry, be happy"!
They cooked and baked all morning. 
The display was unbelievable. 

The food was delish. 
My mom and I got to the shower early and walked into 
an army of women cooking and setting up. 
Diane Stoker, Becky Schlappi, Mindy Taylor, Cherie Hink, 
Lynette Bayles, Carolyn Shockey, etc. 
The list could go on. 
And I know I'm forgetting people. 
But my biggest thanks to everyone who made the most yummy 
salads, sandwiches and desserts. 
I, of course, went back for seconds. 

Here are the most darling shower favors that Kate and her mom, Cherie, made. 
An apple with caramel dip. 
That reads,
 "Thanks for getting our bride ready as she heads toward her new life in the BIG APPLE." this already. 
Who are these women?!

 Back to Kate's video -- she interviewed Scott and asked him questions 
about our relationship. 
 I would give my answers before his, and we would see how our responses matched up. 
It's always a crowd pleaser and a great way to involve the groom. 
Scott Maddux was hamming it up. 
Pretty sure he loved the attention even across the country. 
He called me after the shower and asked how he did. 
I told him he had everyone laughing. 
Especially, when he told my closest friends and family that the craziest place we have kissed is a NYC  public bathroom and hotel phone booth. 
Grandma Marilyn was on the floor. 
Good one, babe. 

When it came to opening gifts, I was so overwhelmed. 
You ladies spoiled me beyond words. 
My gosh, I left with almost an entire kitchen. 

My favorite thing was just visiting with everyone who was kind enough to come. 
I was fortunate enough to grow up in a ward/community filled with incredible women. 
From coaches and church leaders, to neighbors and family friends -- these women played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today. 
In one form or another, they all helped raise me. 
I absolutely love my hometown, and really it's all because of the people who live there. 
Valerie Randall and Marlee Nielsen. 

Brenda and Marlee, 
Thank you for staying for the entire shower and even helping to load up all the gifts. 
You Nielsen women never cease to amaze me. 
And, thanks for sending pictures to Shelby, so she could feel like she was there. 
You are the best. 

My Selk Women, 
(Just missing darling Danyelle)
We spent countless hours at weekend softball tournaments together.
Nicole and Danyelle, you were the best teammates turned best friends. 
You light up any room you walk into and inspire me to be better. 
Lisa, you always treat me like one of your own. 
 Thank you for doing my make up for all my high school dances and always
 making me feel right at home. 
You are the best listener and give great advice. 
Our Costa lunches are one of my biggest highlights when I come home.
Robin Juvan, one of my dear friends from the Citrus Heights Ward. 
You always make me feel like a million bucks. 
Thank you for your kindness over all these years. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Raegan Nelson.
(But you'll always be a Davis to me).
It was such a treat to see you.  
I swear we are the same person. 
You just get me.
We joked that she didn't think anyone could beat her and Joey's dating stint. 
But if anyone would -- it would be me. 
We did a lot together. 
Quit Mountain View Pom & Cheer, survived Snyder's AP English class, 
did MVT Student Council, laughed hysterically during our BYU Flexibility class, 
and of course, related to all the ups and downs of college dating.  
I feel like she's always in my life exactly when I need her. 
My goodness, I miss you, Raeg. And wish we lived closer. 
Kris Porter & McKenzie Allen, 
You women blow me away. 
I count it such a huge blessing to know you and to have spent so much time in your home while growing up.
Kenz and I have been through it all. 
We became best friends in junior high and since then have done
 almost every school activity possible together. 
At one point, we even joined the Lumberjack Club just to eat free pancakes. 
 There's so much good that comes with her. 
My parents would let me go to any party if Kenz was going. 
From girls' camp and orchestra, to cheer and student council, she always
 makes me want to be a better person. 
She came to Newport Beach every summer and put up with the Knoles clan. 
She always goes above and beyond to make you feel loved. 
Andddddd, she will make the best mom in the next few weeks to the luckiest little girl!
Mal Pal, 
You are beautiful in every sense of the word. 
You radiate happiness. 
Every day is better with you around. 
You're such a go-getter. 
Thank you for showing me the true definition of strength. 
I'm honored to call you a friend. 
The Winward Women, 
You are always up for a good time! 
You ladies sure know how to party. 
And what can't you do? 
Seriously, these girls are unbelievably talented. 
And that little boy is such a heartbreaker. 
The Lane Ladies, 
You women are beautiful on the inside and out. 
Brekyn (left) got married a month before me and made the most breathtaking bride. 
Her dad, Scott Lane, and my dad were best friends growing up in Flagstaff. 
Scott baptized my did when he was 17. 
Their friendship is one for the books. 
There are no words to describe my love for this family. 

My Nana, 
(Well, Kate's Nana, but I claim her as my own)
You are the sweetest thing for coming to all my wedding festivities. 
Thank you for always taking an interest in my life. 
You make me feel so worthwhile. 
Nana would always be sure to send her good thoughts my way if she read about 
crazy tornado weather in Mississippi.
I love her for that. 
My Sweet Sue Lane, 
You are a grandmother to me. 
But you look 30. 
Seriously, check her style.
Those floral pants -- to die for. 
She is the epitome of love, kindness, and strength. 
Thank you for always treating me like a granddaughter. 

There are so many not pictured: 

My grandma drove hours to be there.
She is truly a socialite. 
Loves chatting and being a part of all the fun. 
She's sure to talk to everyone and find some sort of friend connection or family relation. 
I would like to think I get my love for people from her. 

My Aunt Laurie, Aunt Cyndi, & cousin MacKenzee drove long distances to be there as well. 
I so enjoyed having them there and joining in on all the fun. 
I love and look up to each of them. 

And let's hear it for the wonderful women behind this sensational shower!
Cherie & Kate, 
You women are the best things any girl could ask for. 
You put your heart and soul into my wedding week to make sure things went smoothly. 
Cherie, thank you for always making me laugh. 
You put everyone else's happiness before your own, and you do it with a smile on your face. 
I love sitting down and just chatting with you. 
You have the best perspective. 

Kate, where do I even begin? 
Every girl deserves a Katelin in their life. 
You are always on Team Kylee. 
From powder puff football and Newport trips, to our Alpine Village antics and
 late nights in the library, you were always there. 
And you've seen the "Scott & Kylee Saga" unfold from the get go. 
Thank you for being there every step of the way. 
 Miss Makall,
 (I wish her mom, Mindy, was in this pic)
We met our junior year of high school, but it feels like I've known her since birth. 
She is wise beyond her years. 
Her honest outlook is extremely refreshing. 
We have the same sarcastic sense of humor. 
So we understand each other.
She just gets it. 
She is the best mom to the most perfect two-year-old in town. 
And baby Jack comes this spring -- what a lucky little man!

And then there's Mindy,
one of my favorite Young Women's leaders of all time. 
There's nothing that woman can't do. 
She came on our senior trip to Newport and 
I'll never forget her own wedding stories that she shared. 
She is crack up, and would do anything for anyone. 
Thank you for all the hours spent planning, cooking, and coordinating. 
I look up to you two more than you'll ever know.  
 Carli & Carolyn Shockey
(second & third from the right below)
You two are the hostesses with the mostesses. 
Carli is the little sister I never had. 
She is 14 going on 24. 
Ever since our date to Build-a Bear when she was in the third grade, 
we've been best of friends. 
She was my pen pal my freshman year of college. 
And even came to visit me in Provo. 
This girl has got life figured out. 

Carolyn and I are kindred spirits. 
She and my mom are best buds. 
When they get together it is sure to be riot. 
She's incredibly down to earth and is such a hoot.
As evidenced by these pictures, she is the best decorator. 
I miss our long chats -- good thing Girls Trip 2013 is right around the corner. 

 Thank you ladies, for making me feel like the luckiest bride. 
It was lovely in every way. 
How unbelievably grateful I am for your friendship. 

Later that evening, my mom told my dad, "That was one of the best days of my life."
How sweet is that?
I'm the oldest child and the only girl - so safe to say that shower was a 
once in a lifetime thing for the both of us.
It truly was a magical day. 
I felt showered with love and support from the women that mean the most to me. 
Thank you for truly touching me during the most special time of my life. 
And it was only the beginning of the most wonderful week of wedding festivities. 
Let's get this party started. 

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  1. Hey!! Such a lovely bridal shower. I really liked these arrangements. Planning my friend’s bridal shower at one of Chicago wedding venues. Had taken some ideas from internet and all of ideas are really amazing. Want to have a grand celebration.


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