Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Get ready for the most vain post of your life. 
I promise we aren't this narcissistic. 
We just really love our engagement photos.
And we love Annie Randall even more for taking them. 
Last August, she and her husband flew out to New York, followed us around for hours, 
and put up with "The Scott and Kylee Show".
We can't thank them enough.

We covered a lot of ground, starting in Central Park, making our way to The High Line, 
and ending at the Brooklyn Bridge. 
We were late meeting up with them, naturally. 
Scott hailed a cab and then I realized I forgot 
my engagement ring to our engagement photos. 
Nice, Ky. 
Struggle street. 
Despite our tardiness and awkwardness, 
we were so happy with the way they turned out. 
Annie works magic, people. 

We made wardrobe changes in public places and porta potties. 
The High Line was hectic and probably not the best idea on my part. 
But where else can you get these views?

The Brooklyn Bridge photos with the Manhattan skyline are my favorite. 
We were literally running to beat the sunset.
I still have the blister scars to show for it. 
But, my gosh, do we love them. 
Thanks to Annie for endorsing all this PDA.

The crew that made it all happen. 
From left to right: 
Sterling and Annie Pratt (check that baby bump!), Momma Mendi, and Carolyn Shockey. 
Thank you all for holding our bags and catering to us on this special day. 
It wouldn't have been possible without you. Really, though. 
I was so thrilled that my mom and our dear friend, Carolyn, 
could come out for a girls' trip that weekend. 
They went and saw Jersey Boys that day but then met up with us at The High Line. 
I have so much love for these women. 

There were speeding taxi cabs below me on that bridge. 
If Scott wanted to get rid of me, that would have been the perfect chance. 
Thanks for keeping me around, kid. 

Annie, thanks for capturing these pictures in the city that we love and call home.
We absolutely loved working with you.  

Scott, thanks for being the biggest trooper. 
You always kept that great attitude. 
No surprise there. 
But, I think you loved having your picture taken way more than you let on. 
You're a rock star.


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