Thursday, January 3, 2013

Newlyweds In New York City

After our honeymoon, the Maddux Family hosted an Open House in California.
I just got those pictures back so more on that later. 
Following that celebration, we flew to New York City to start our lives together. 
The taxi ride from JFK to our apartment building was pretty surreal.
This wasn't just a visit.
I was here to stay. 
And with a boy no less!  
There would be no more goodbyes --  something our relationship had become accustomed to. 
Forget marriage, we were just thrilled to be living in the same state again --
 let alone a 675 square foot apartment. 
We got back to our place and were greeted with boxes on boxes on boxes of wedding gifts. 
We couldn't believe this craziness. 
Our friends and family were way too good to us. 
Our dear friends the Wilson's sent us fresh flowers to welcome us home. 
Bless them. 
They are the greatest. 
I left Scott in charge of finding a place for us to live. 
He decided that we should just stay in the apartment he and a roommate had shared for year. 
Obviously, that meant the roommate, Jordan Hughes, had to go. 
Along with their bunk beds. 
That's right, bunk beds. 
Scott tries to make it sound better and always tells people it was a loft bed. 
But that's cause he got stuck on top. 
Anyways, we love Jordan. 
And we love the "Welcome Home" present he left us before he left for good. 
 We were both really excited to open our gifts. 
So we sipped sparkling cider, opened each gift, and stayed up way too late turning this bachelor pad into our first ever humble abode. 
That meant I burnt the fake fruit, the infamous naked man statue (a bachelor pad must), and some other staples that Jordan and Scott thought were a good idea. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed making this place ours. 
One night, we made a trip to IKEA to buy our couch and bed.
We hired a less than reputable car service to get us home with all of our boxes. 
Needless to say, there were moments where both Scott and I thought we'd end up 
in some sketch alley way.
It was quite the ride. 
Hilarious, actually. 
The things we do to save on home delivery. 

The next week consisted of lots of organization, cleaning, and trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 
At one point, our apartment looked like IKEA threw up in it. 
Those furniture directions are not as easy as they look. 
At least that's what Scott says. 
I kind of just watched. 

We feel blessed beyond belief to be newlyweds in New York City.
It's an incredible place to be at such an incredible stage of life. 
We are far from family, but rely so heavily on each other. 

I vividly remember walking down Madison Avenue with Scott during the summer of 2010.
It was almost three years ago when we were both interning in the city.  
It was late and we had just gotten dessert at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. 
That night, was the first time we talked about marriage -- 
or the "M-WORD" as I called it. 
It took us awhile, and our story may be unique and unconventional. 
But that's what I love about it. 
It's ours. 
And this city has played a role in it. 
Whether we were together or apart. 
How happy I am that we can finally start having MARRIED adventures
 together in a place we love so much.
(More on those adventures to come). 

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  1. Ky! I love all your posts! What a fun time for you guys!


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