Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was one to remember. 
It was different than any other I had experienced. 
Different in the best of ways. 

 Especially, considering last Thanksgiving Scott and I were on opposite ends of the country. 
I had to work on the holiday and did a story on people volunteering 
at a Jackson homeless shelter. 
That was my first Thanksgiving away from family -- but it was extremely special to me. 
As for Scott, he went to out to dinner with friends in the city. 

So, this year we were determined to make some memories on
 our first married Thanksgiving. 
And in the city, it's not hard to do.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been on my bucket list for years now. 
A friend told me that they blow up all the parade balloons the night before 
near the American Museum of Natural History. 
Look at that building -- isn't incredible?
One of my favorites, no doubt. 
It was absolutely packed. 
They had the streets blocked off and the crowds walked around
 the entire block of the museum.
It was neat to see part of the parade preparation process.  
The netting forced some of the balloons into questionable positions. 
Exhibit A: Elf on the Shelf -- in all his glory. 
I'm sure the sweet, innocent children around me had the same thought. 

And what's a visit to the Upper West Side without a stop at Levain Bakery?
This was my first time and I had heard nothing but the best. 
The line was out the door, rightfully so. 
Their cookies look like scones -- incredible!
My favorite is the world-famous six-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie. 
That gooey goodness is downright sinful. 
If you're in the city, do yourself a favor and get your booty in that long line. 
Well worth the wait. 
That night, the best part of our holiday came to town. 
Marcus, Makall, and Hailey packed their bags, drove from D.C., 
and were our very first house guests. 
We were so thrilled to have them. 
Makall has been one of my very best friends since high school. 
But we haven't lived near each other for years -- until now. 
So when we found out we would both be on the east coast for the holiday, 
we jumped at the opportunity to spend it together. 

We woke up early enough to make our way to the UWS for the big parade. 
Again, it was packed. 
But we could still see the balloons and hear all the commotion. 

The best part of the parade was watching Hailey baby. 
She is the most beautiful, perfect two-year-old. 
Marcus and Makall do good work. 
That child has Scott and I laughing at her every move. 
She lit up at the Buzz Lightyear float. 
But kept asking, "Where is Woody?"
Surely there is no Buzz without Woody. 
Get it right, Macy's. 

I think Hailey has every man in her life wrapped around her little finger. 

After the parade, we walked through Central Park. 
It's a beauty this time of year. 
Those colors get me every time. 
This beautiful family of three will soon welcome a baby BOY this spring. 
What a lucky little son of a gun. 

Other highlights of the day include:
- Trip to FAO Schwarz. 
- Window shopping on 5th Avenue. 
- Pre-Black Friday shopping at The Gap. 
- Stopped by the Rockefeller tree. 

I mean, c'mon. 
Check that peacoat. 
Is this child not the most darling thing you've ever laid eyes on? 
We think so. 
She was all over the city. 
Stroller. Subway. You name it. 

For Thanksgiving dinner we ate at The Odeon in Tribeca. 
Our wonderful friends Jeremy and Estee joined us.
Most of us ordered the Thanksgiving special and it was delish. 
No prep.
No clean up. 
Great company. 
Sounds like the smartest decision we've ever made. 
But the only bummer was -- no leftovers. 
Good gosh we are thankful for you good people. 
One of the most memorable Thanksgiving meals to date. 
We ended the night with milkshakes at our place because Shake Shack was closed -- what? 
 Sweet Hailey got her cuddle on with this guy. 
Looks like I've got some serious competition. 
The next day we covered a lot of ground. 
-Wall Street.
-Lunch in Nolita at Lombardi's, one of our favorite pizza places. 
-Long chats with Makall while everyone else had nap time.
- Union Square had a charming little Christmas market, I'm a sucker for those. 
-We ate dinner at one of our go-to's, Rosa Mexicano.
Their guacamole made table side is one of the greatest things to happen to me. 
Note to self: don't let Scott order the goat ever again. 
We ended the night by splitting Crumbs Cupcakes in Madison Square Park. 
Hailey squealed with happiness the minute we walked into the bakery. 
Those giant cupcakes only meant one thing -- 
she started singing "Happy Birthday" right away. 
I was dying. 

The next morning, we went out with a bang. 
Brunch at Sarabeth's. 
Then said our goodbyes. 
Marcus and Makall, thank you so much for visiting us on this special holiday. 
We could not have asked to spend it with better friends. 
We love and admire you so. 
Please come back soon!

And Hailey baby, Uncle Scott and Aunt Ky-ee really miss you. 
 You are quoted daily in the Maddux home. 
We have a jar full of M&M's with your name on it. 
We may just have to bring them to you in Washington D.C.
As a matter of fact, I think we will. 
See you soon, Noorda's!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! that was the best family trip ever. Thank you so much for putting up with us that weekend! You guys need to get your buns out here to DC ASAP. Seriously Ky. We miss you and want you here!


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