Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christmas in Camarillo

After traveling to and from two of the biggest airports in the country, dealing with lost luggage at baggage claim, and braving the holiday chaos, 
we were more than ready to touchdown in Camarillo. 
We spent our first Christmas in California with Scott's family. 
We felt extremely lucky that he was able to take some time off even after our wedding. 

The Saturday before Christmas we headed to downtown LA. 
John Maddux was kind enough to feed my Chick-fil-A fix and take me there for lunch. 
I ate there weekly in Mississippi. 
They knew my name and my order. 
Pathetic, I'm well aware. 
But Chick-fil-A was fine dining in the deep South 
and if you're going to do fast food, do it right. 
And do you spot that Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake?
They are seasonal - and I crave them throughout the year. 
We made it just in time. 
Thanks, John!
John and Laurie treated the grandparents and kids to
 "The Donny & Marie Christmas Show" at the famous Pantages Theatre. 
I love this venue. 
On my first visit to Camarillo two years ago, Scott took me
 to see "West Side Story" at the Pantages. 
It was my first time at that theatre and I was blown away by its beauty. 
I'm lucky to have married into a family that loves musicals just as much as I do. 

We had an absolute blast. 
Who knew Donny & Marie were that funny?
We were surprised to see a music video that Connor's girlfriend, Shelby, had worked on. 
She did the hair and make up for Donny's "Soldier of Love" video. 
Look it up! 
I was dying.
Tanner, Scott and I joked that we were the youngest ones at the show. 
That may have been true, but we secretly loved it just as much. 
The line up of walkers and canes at the back of the theater was such a crack up. 
It was so great to catch up with all of Scott's grandparents
 on the drive to and from downtown. 

We all ate at Stonefire, a Maddux family favorite, later that night and 
then played "Up and Down the River".
Pretty sure I'm the most ignorant card game player. 
But these guys put up with me, nonetheless. 
Just don't take me to Vegas, boys. 

Sunday was spent going to church at Austin and Kim's new ward. 
They just bought a beautiful house in Santa Rosa Valley and we are so thrilled for them!
We loved our time with their 9-month-old, Mackenzie Ann. 
She is the first one to make an aunt and uncle out of us. 
We sure do adore her. 

Monday was Christmas Eve. 
We woke up early to do a CrossFit workout with Scott's cousin, Tyler, who works at a gym. 
Working out with the Maddux boys was hilarious. 
I still have the image of Austin trying to do a pull up in my mind. 
Next time, Aust, next time. 
CrossFit on Christmas Eve was something none of us were prepared for. 
Tyler was a trooper and tried to get our lazy butts in gear. 
Thanks Ty, for trying to make something out of us. 
If anything, I could hardly walk on Christmas. 

Scott and I ran around town doing last minute Christmas errands. 
Then the time had come for the big Christmas Eve Mexican food dinner and program. 
The food was delish and the company was wonderful. 
Laurie is such a great hostess. 
Grandpa Jim made history and passed the torch of the 
red checkered Christmas pants onto Austin this year.

Merry Christmas from the Maddux's. 
This was the closest thing you'll get for a Christmas card this year. 

Scott was assigned to assemble Mackenzie's Christmas present this year. 
It took him awhile, but he was sure proud of it. 
Nice work, Santa Scotty. 

Early Christmas morning we headed to Grandma Holley's
 for her annual Christmas breakfast and gift opening.
The highlight was watching this pair interact. 
Little Liam and Mackenzie were more interested in each other than their new presents. 

Instead of the red checkered pants Austin opted for a onesie this Christmas morning. 
It takes a confident man to rock that. 
Later that day, we opened gifts with just Scott's immediate family. 
John and Laurie sure did spoil us. 
We took a nap, saw Les Mis, and just relaxed all day. 
Definitely a holiday to remember. 

The day after Christmas was spent at the Camarillo Premium Outlets - 
my favorite thing in town, aside from the Maddux's.
We finished our stay with a long-awaited trip to Cafe Rio. 
It had been months. 
Too good to be true.  
This was my first Christmas spent with another family. 
John and Laurie made me feel right at home, like they always do. 
Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas, J + L. 
You guys are way too good to me. 
We love and miss you every day. 

And John, next game of "Up and Down the River" you are mine. 

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