Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday Night Wilson Night

Meet the Wilson's. 
Jeremy and Estee are some of our best friends. 
They moved to the city this past fall before we got married. 
And we were thrilled that we could live in New York at the same time. 
The Wilson/Maddux history goes wayyyy back. 
Jeremy and Scott met their freshman year at BYU and became friends. 
Two years later, I met Estee my freshman year at BYU 
through some mutual Arizona friends. 
My first date with Scott Maddux was a bbq/badminton tournament hosted by the Wilson's. 
Clearly, they've been through it all with us. 
And we love them for it. 

When Scott and Jeremy get together they giggle like little school girls.
And I love my Estee time. 
She is hilarious and has the best outlook on life. 
I adore her. 
So it makes for a good time whenever we all get together. 
Which, thankfully, is almost every week. 
We've started a tradition of going on dates every Friday night 
and trying a new restaurant and dessert shop in the city each week. 
Sometimes, things come up. 
But for the most part, we've had a good run. 

Friday Night Wilson Night commenced with dinner at Mexicana Mama 
and dessert at L'Arte del Gelato in West Village. 
Great Mexican food. Go!
I've been craving it since. 
Another week we headed to the MetLife Building for dinner at Naples 45. 
Brilliant idea, Estee.
The pizza was delish and the service was great. 
Our waiter, Frank, was very passionate about his pizza making and made sure 
we got the best combination, even if it wasn't on the menu. 
Then we headed to a surprise birthday gathering for our friend, Lauren. 
Lauren and I have been friends since junior high but I haven't seen her for years! 
Her and her husband are in J+E's ward. 
Small world. 
We all met at Bryant Park for some ice skating. 

Blades of Glory style. 
I'm not made for skates. 
Check that tree. 
Another magnificent one in the city. 
This guy is a city staple. 
We recognized him right away. 
During the warmer months he spends his Saturdays at a makeshift
roller blading rink in Central Park.
We've seen him do all kinds of tricks on roller skates. 
But who knew he traded in the asphalt for ice come winter. 
I mean, it only makes sense. 
That same night we wandered around Midtown looking at all the lights. 
I still can't get over them. 

Another night we headed to S'MAC, a place that specializes in Mac-n-Cheese. 
Sign me up. 
We got a few different kinds like buffalo chicken, four cheeses, etc.
Next up, Cowgirl in West Village.
We were lucky enough to have the Baldwin's and sweet Caroline join us that week. 
This place took me back to the South. 
The environment was laid back, the food was affordable, and the service was great.
I'd definitely go back. 
Not to mention the windows were oh so charming.  
Another night -- Estee had the genius idea to get tickets to the Nets game 
when they played the Suns. 
The new Barclays Center in Brooklyn is incredible. 
We were just missing our friends, Jay Z and Beyonce. 
Later that month, we all had dinner at 5 Napkin Burger on the Upper West Side.
Then on a whim, we went to Sugar & Plumm for dessert.
Best decision ever, Scott Maddux.
It's the most charming boutique bistro and bakery. 
It was decked for love month.
We devoured a banana split. 
Dying to go back. 
This was another night -- when we were headed back to Manhattan from Jersey.
We literally saw the train leave as we were coming down the stairs. 
We were yelling and I think I even banged on the windows. 
It was late and the next one didn't come for 30 minutes. 
Rough go. 
So much love for these people. 
Beyond blessed to have you.
Can't wait for more city dates and adventures. 
So, what's on the agenda for this Friday?

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  1. in TEARS over that last photo. gosh, we love you so much. don't be mad when my kids are callin' you "auntie". xoxoxoxox


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