Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Moments - December

Some moments deserve to be documented. 
This was December in the city to me. 
I ventured to Macy's a few times during the month. 
Every time it was packed. 
But the window displays and store decor were unbelievable. 
I wanted to see Santa -- but the line was ridiculous. 
Until next year, St. Nick. 

Even firefighters have decked the halls. 
Nice wreath, truck. 
Happy Holidays from the Freedom Tower, 
because we are politically correct around these parts. 
Our building was sure to put both a Christmas tree and a menorah up in the lobby. 
Because some New Yorkers will only get waxed if promised a Levain cookie afterward. 
Two birds with one stone?
A sweet nativity while shopping in SoHo. 

 Lights in Midtown. 
 A far too often occurrence for us. 
I don't hate it. 
Even local restaurants went all out. 
A snowy walk through Central Park. 
Candy canes hanging from the ceiling?!
Who wouldn't want to go to work in this building?
Flashy displays at the Bergdorf Goodman. 
$250 for a scarf...count me out. 
Manhattan Temple.
A Saturday night date. 
The Place is one of our favorite restaurants in West Village.
You walk in and immediately feel like you are in a cozy cottage. 
Brick fireplace. 
Dim lighting. 
Delicious food. 
Go, like now. 

I am convinced that if all of the Salvation Army volunteers danced like this guy
 their donations would grow exponentially. 
Late night walk through World Financial to escape the arctic air. 
Zuccotti Park in the Financial District. 
Out with the occupiers and in with Christmas cheer. 
Down in TriBeCa. 
I have a thing for streets like this. 

New York, I love you. 
You are truly magical - in every sense of the word. 
 December, thanks for all the good times. 

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  1. This makes me want to visit New York so bad! I have never been and will never stop hoping and dreaming until I make it there!


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