Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Suz's East Coast Tour

One of the best things about living in New York is that we often have visitors. 
Whether they come to the visit us or the city -- we're just happy they come. 
Back in December, my dear friend, Suz, spent a week in Washington D.C. 
for her hot shot congressional job. 
Since we were just a hop, skip, and a four hour Bolt Bus ride away, 
 she decided to come to the city for the weekend!
We were pumped and decided to make the most of our time. 
She met us on our weekly date with the Wilsons, so it was a party. 
After waiting forever for dinner at Momofuku, we took our crew to Max Brenner for dessert.
 We couldn't stop ourselves.
I mean, that milkshake is just asking for it. 
We all left in a chocolate coma. 
The next day we hit the ground running. 
Scott Maddux was busy planning a bachelor party for one Jordan Hughes,
 so it was just us girls. 
We made our way to Midtown, and were in for a scandalous Santa surprise. 
Note the Mormon Christmas ad in the background. 
We saw thousands of people dressed as Santa drinking their hearts out.
We asked someone what was going on, and quickly learned about "SantaCon". 
One Saturday every year in December, people dress up in Santa costumes
 and take to the streets and bars in cities all around the world. 
Nothing says Christmas like scantily clad, slammed Santas.  

Note the Naughty Pole. 
It didn't take long for us to cozy up to Gumby here and take a picture. 
Merry Christmas from your favorite HO HO HO's. 
We braved the crowds and walked through Macy's and had lunch at Shake Shack. 
Then we strolled through Central Park and saw Wollman Rink. 
We tried to win lottery tickets at Newsies.
But failed. 
A sweet grandma and her granddaughter were standing right by us during the drawing. 
Both of their names were drawn, for a total of four tickets, but they only needed two. 
Enter Suz. 
She was quick to say that we would just buy the tickets from them. 
And before we could think twice we had front row seats to Newsies. 
That's what I love about this girl. 
She is quick to act, speak her mind, and make things happen!
We absolutely loved this musical. 
Even though we had partial view seats, we didn't miss much. 
We fell hard for Jack Kelly. 
He was incredible. 
The set was great and the music phenomenal. 
It's such a family friendly show -- I would recommend it to anyone. 
And I would gladly see it again. 
We made a quick run to see the Rockefeller Tree and ended our night with a
 walk through Times Square and Herald Square. 
Suz, it was such a treat to have you!
We so loved catching up and spending time with you. 
Thanks for making the trip up and taking the time to see us. 
You are a fiercely loyal friend, someone everyone wants on their team. 
Sure do love and miss you!
Our couch is calling your name. 

(oh and I'll never forget your slightly inappropriate comment at 30 Rock 
that had heads turning. you know what I'm talking about.)

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  1. I feel honored to have made the kylee and scott blog! Thanks for the best weekend, wish I could have just spent the whole week with you and ditched DC, but then our pants really would have not fit! Best tour guy and hostess! But the real treat was spending 48 hours with one of my favs of 426, oh and of course that one slightly comment that got me looks of shame and fright from all the 45 year old dads in our vicinity. Oops! Miss you! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! Suz and Ky take NYC repeat? Anytime!


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