Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surprise Arizona Trip

In early February, we made a last minute trip to Arizona. 
Scott had a meeting in LA during the week and I wasn't scheduled to work, 
so we decided to make the most of our time away from the city. 
He worked remotely from California for a few days
 while I flew home to Arizona to spend time with my family. 
It was my first time home since our wedding and I wanted to surprise my dad. 
So, my mom and I got to plotting. 
I talk to Douglas almost every day so it was hard to keep my mouth shut. 
My mom tried convincing him that they needed to go pick up a good friend
 from the airport the night I got in. 
He thought she was up to something,
 but when I found him wandering around baggage claim he looked surprised. 
It was a great reunion. 

The next day, Cherie and I planned a surprise sneak attack on Kate. 
She thought she was meeting her mom for lunch at Zupas - but I showed up instead. 
Another joyous reunion. 

Even with all of the incredible restaurants in New York, there are days I crave this: 
chicken enchilada soup and a nuts about berries salad from Zupas. 

We hit up all my favorite food spots. 
- Zupas (twice)
- Tia Rosas
-Ned's Crazy Sub
-Paradise Bakery
-Texas Roadhouse (those rolls...get in my bellly)
One day, I went to help sweet Mendi Sue in her classroom. 
She is the world's most patient, 
circle time readin', math fact teachin', skinny jean wearin' kindergarten teacher. 
And I'm so lucky to call her mom. 
She has a great group this year. 
Whenever I go to her class, I leave in awe. 
This woman is unbelievable. 
I can only pray that our future children have teachers half as good as her. 
Mr. Knoles was nice enough to pay us a visit and play a game of Simon Says. 
Douglas is famous for this.  
Whenever he comes to visit my mom at school, he can't leave without at least one game. 
The kids hold him to it. 
They can't contain their excitement and I die at their short attention spans.

On a different day, we met up with my favorite girls for lunch. 
It was too much fun catching up. 
These are my people and oh how I love them. 
Alpine Village Apartment 426...say what?!
I still have flashbacks of of Kate and Nat performing dance routines for Scott in our kitchen. 
These girls are such a party. 
My Nissan X-terra, Brodee, and I were reconnected after a few months apart. 
We don't have a car in the city and so we hardly ever drive. 
It's funny the little things you miss. 
Like going on drives with the windows rolled down and music blasting. 
Our shoebox studio has taught me to live simply. 
It's pretty crazy how much you realize you don't need. 
Nevertheless, it was good to drive my car again. 
Scott was able to fly in for the weekend and join in on all the fun. 
We got to spend some quality time with my girl, Nala. 
She thinks she is a lap dog and insists on invading all personal space. 
Oh, and she ate the Apple TV box. 

We got to spend time with both of my grandmas this trip. 
I wish I would have snapped a few pictures, but I treasure our time with both of them. 
Sky Harbor Airport has stepped up their game. 
I couldn't turn down a chocolate milkshake from the new Modern Burger at our terminal. 
Way to go out with a bang. 
I have the greatest parents in the world. 
Thank you D+M for always showing us a good time with the best company.
Now, come visit us!


Pardon the pun, but FUN was way fun. 
I had been eyeing this concert for a few months and even thought about getting tickets for Valentine's Day, but they were way too expensive. 
The day of the concert, Scott got an email from a coworker saying he had something come up and had two tickets that he needed to get rid of. 
We couldn't believe it and jumped at the opportunity. 
A few hours later, we found ourselves in the third row at Radio City Music Hall. 
That venue gets me every time. 

FUN put on an incredible show. 
We've been fans for awhile now and their live performance made me love them even more. 
They perform with such passion - just makes you happy to be alive. 
I have followed the lead singer, Nate Ruess, since my high school days 
when he was in The Format. 
He's from Arizona and would often play in my hometown. 
But this was my first time seeing him live. 
His voice is so strong and unique. 
We might have gone a little crazy during "Some Nights".

The band is based in New York so this was a hometown show, 
and their first time performing at Radio City. 
It was also a week before they performed at the Grammys 
and won two awards for Best New Artist and Song of the Year. 
We downloaded their entire album right when we got home that night. 
I only wish we had done so earlier. 
Thanks for the spontaneous date night, Scott Maddux. 
This was one of my favorites in the city so far. 


Little Moments - January

January was cold. 
We spent a majority of it indoors mourning the loss of Christmas cheer. 
Here are the last remnants of the holiday. 
Bah humbug. 
My first New Year's resolution is to find the best cupcake in the city. 
The investigation is in full swing. 
These puppies are from Baked by Melissa.
Aren't they cute?
Talk about portion control. 
Great way to try a bunch of flavors. 
Big fan. 
January was also full of food. 
I've found my favorite bagel shop, Zuckers, in TriBeCa. 
Here's my go-to, a toasted turkey sandwich on an everything bagel.
I frequent it far too often. 
Seamless became our best friend and in my book, the greatest invention ever. 
Thank you, New York City, for being so delicious and allowing me to bypass my wifely duties. 
I never cook. 

Dinner time is sacred in the Maddux home. 
Most nights, Scott is able to get away from work and we do dinner.  
Usually, that means meeting up at a local restaurant and discussing our days. 
Whether its Sarabeth's, Shake Shack, Chipotle, or the Whole Foods Cafeteria -
dinner time with this guy is my favorite time. 
My dad thought it would be a good idea for me to carry mace - 
ya know in case things get crazy. 
So I did my homework, called around to different hardware stores, etc.
They all told me they didn't carry it. 
I finally found this shop in Little Italy that claims to be the 
only place in the city to sell mace legally. 
Hopstop took me here and I about stopped in my tracks 
at the sight of that gun hanging from the sign. 
Mikey Bloomberg would not be happy. 
A sweet Chinese woman taught me how to use my newest means of defense. 
It was quite the experience. 
Thanks to wonderful contacts and dear friends, I found gainful employment in January,
which now means I make quite the commute. 
Subway performers are my version of the radio. 
This guy was playing Fur Elise on the steel drum. 
That was my jam on the way home. 

New York, I fall in love with you over and over each day. 
Thank you for being our very first home together. 


Nicole & Top of The Rock

My darling friend, Nicole, visited the city with her fun family awhile back. 
I was lucky enough to tag along with them for an evening. 
Nicole and I both interned at Dateline NBC for a summer and made the best memories:
from chatting with our girl Hoda and logging all kinds of tape 
to seeing Broadway musicals and eating the best food in the world.  
It was only fitting that we visit our old stomping grounds. 

We hit up the Top of The Rock that night. 
It was my first time and I was absolutely blown away by the views of the city.
It's pretty cool to see the landmarks in relation to one another. 
It really puts the city into perspective. 
It still blows my mind that the island of Manhattan is only 13 miles long and two miles wide. 
And to think of all the people who live, work, and commute here every day. 

I want to go back at sunset. 
I would definitely recommend this observation deck over the Empire State Building. 
Thanks for all the fun, Nicole!
The Fowler women are such a party. 
Now, come back already! 
Magnolia's banana pudding is calling our names. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Annie - The Musical

During Broadway Week, Scott Maddux took a really long dinner break 
and was able to sneak away to see "Annie" with me on a Tuesday. 
That's big news around here, people. 
It was a last minute date. 
Thankfully, there were more tickets than people at the lottery, so it was an easy win. 
I called Scott right away and he said he could pull it off.  
I was thrilled

The show was incredible. 
Such a classic. 
We had front row seats so we only missed a little bit of the full stage. 
Scott and I felt like we were crashing every mother/daughter date in the city. 
He was easily one of the only guys in the audience.  
It was so cute to see all of the young girls out with their moms. 
The kid performers were unreal and the set was amazing. 
Some of our favorite scenes involved Annie's dog, Sandy. 
We could see the dog trainer off stage signaling Sandy to do certain moves. 
He stole the show. 
We pretty much love any musical we go to. 
We're easy to please. 
I'm just glad this guy likes to go to the theatre with me. 
He was back to work right after the show. 
Such a rebel. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In January, I scored tickets to Katie Couric's new daytime talk show. 
I grew up watching Katie on the Today Show. 
She has been my professional idol for a long time now, 
and I've been dying to see her new show in action. 
My dear friend, Robyn, was able to come along so I was thrilled. 
We got up early and took the two train to the Upper West Side.
Her studio is housed at ABC Headquarters just north of the Manhattan Temple. 
 Her audience coordinator told us to sit in the second row.
We didn't argue. 
The episode that we saw taped a few days before it actually aired. 
The topic: celebrity health scares. 
Katie had interviewed Brooke Burke and Randy Jackson already, 
but we got to see Frankie Muniz. 
I was definitely more interested in watching how the show worked.

Katie is just as poised, personable, and perky in person as she is on air.
She uses a prompter for teases.
She asks the hard questions. 
She uses note cards during interviews. 
She's extremely nice to her guests and crew. 
And she's even tinier in person.   
Look at those legs. 
After the taping, she did a quick Q&A session for her guests. 
I figured I may never get an opportunity to ask this woman anything again, 
so I raised my hand. 
She called on me and I got so nervous. 
Like starstruck and shaking nervous. 
I was a babbling mess. 
In more words or less, I told her I so enjoyed her book
 and I recently got a reporting gig in the area. 
I said something along the lines of, "You were once a YOUNG reporter, what advice do you have for people just starting out their careers?"
The crowd immediately started booing me.
 I just unintentionally insulted my idol. 
I called her old. 
She was busy laughing it off while I was busy turning red. 
Not my finest moment. 
Katie was so great and just smiled. 
She told me to always say "yes" to opportunities, work hard, pitch great story ideas,
 and things will happen. 
I love her for that. 
Here's her latest book.
I read it last year while living in Mississippi and working my first reporting job. 
She compiled great life lessons from the beautiful people she has associated with throughout her years as a journalist. 
But my favorite parts were the personal stories she shared at the beginning of each chapter. 
It's incredibly inspirational and beautiful no matter what stage of life you're in. 
Do yourself a favor and read it. 
I cried multiple times. 
And I basically highlighted the whole thing. 
(I have to read things with a highlighter in hand, thanks BYU.)
Just go get a copy.
It's wonderful. 
 Thanks for the memories, Katie. 
See you weekday afternoons at three. 


Christy & 9/11 Memorial

My lovely friend, Christy, visited the city over New Year's and I was
 lucky enough to spend a day with her. 
It took me back to our London Study Abroad days -- 
we were just missing the rest of our eight woman crew. 
Here we are sharing secrets at Grand Central. 
Right outside the Oyster Bar is the Whispering Gallery where you can
 hear people on the opposite side. 
Call us tourists already.
We visited the 9/11 Memorial before lunch. 
I've been to this site multiple times, but it's beauty and reverence still amazes me. 
The museum is sure to be incredible when they finish it. 

If you're looking to visit the 9/11 Memorial, you have to reserve your tickets online here
As you can imagine, security is very tight, and sometimes can take awhile to get through. 
There is a Preview Site off Church Street and Vesey Street where you can print your tickets, watch a touching video, and learn more about that horrific day. 
It's very well done and I would recommend going, especially since 
the museum is not finished yet. 
It still blows my mind that Scott's office window looks right at the Freedom Tower
 (1 World Trade Center) and that this is basically our backyard. 
We finished her visit with dinner at Shake Shack and dessert at Max Brenner. 
Thanks for the best day, Christy!
Come back soon, the city misses you. 


Upper East Side

Earlier this year, my sweet friend Lizzie invited us to an art exhibit at the 
Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side. 
The armory was incredible. 
Those wood floors, my gosh. 
I want to go back. 

It was probably the most interactive art exhibit I have ever been to. 
The swings are connected to the big curtain in the middle.
As people swing back and forth it moves the fabric every which way.
Not sure of the significance...but it was unlike anything I had seen before. 

After the exhibit, we hit up Laduree for some of the yummiest macaroons. 
I hadn't laid eyes on these puppies since my summer in London. 
Scott traveled to Provo for some recruiting one week. 
I kept myself busy with museums. 
One day, I went to The Museum of the City of New York on Museum Mile. 
I love the architecture of this building. 
It had some neat exhibits and only took a few hours to get through. 
We hope to visit all of the museums on Museum Mile. 
So much to see!

Upper East Side, you are wonderfully charming. 
I need to see more of you. 
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