Monday, March 25, 2013

Annie - The Musical

During Broadway Week, Scott Maddux took a really long dinner break 
and was able to sneak away to see "Annie" with me on a Tuesday. 
That's big news around here, people. 
It was a last minute date. 
Thankfully, there were more tickets than people at the lottery, so it was an easy win. 
I called Scott right away and he said he could pull it off.  
I was thrilled

The show was incredible. 
Such a classic. 
We had front row seats so we only missed a little bit of the full stage. 
Scott and I felt like we were crashing every mother/daughter date in the city. 
He was easily one of the only guys in the audience.  
It was so cute to see all of the young girls out with their moms. 
The kid performers were unreal and the set was amazing. 
Some of our favorite scenes involved Annie's dog, Sandy. 
We could see the dog trainer off stage signaling Sandy to do certain moves. 
He stole the show. 
We pretty much love any musical we go to. 
We're easy to please. 
I'm just glad this guy likes to go to the theatre with me. 
He was back to work right after the show. 
Such a rebel. 


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