Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christy & 9/11 Memorial

My lovely friend, Christy, visited the city over New Year's and I was
 lucky enough to spend a day with her. 
It took me back to our London Study Abroad days -- 
we were just missing the rest of our eight woman crew. 
Here we are sharing secrets at Grand Central. 
Right outside the Oyster Bar is the Whispering Gallery where you can
 hear people on the opposite side. 
Call us tourists already.
We visited the 9/11 Memorial before lunch. 
I've been to this site multiple times, but it's beauty and reverence still amazes me. 
The museum is sure to be incredible when they finish it. 

If you're looking to visit the 9/11 Memorial, you have to reserve your tickets online here
As you can imagine, security is very tight, and sometimes can take awhile to get through. 
There is a Preview Site off Church Street and Vesey Street where you can print your tickets, watch a touching video, and learn more about that horrific day. 
It's very well done and I would recommend going, especially since 
the museum is not finished yet. 
It still blows my mind that Scott's office window looks right at the Freedom Tower
 (1 World Trade Center) and that this is basically our backyard. 
We finished her visit with dinner at Shake Shack and dessert at Max Brenner. 
Thanks for the best day, Christy!
Come back soon, the city misses you. 


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