Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In January, I scored tickets to Katie Couric's new daytime talk show. 
I grew up watching Katie on the Today Show. 
She has been my professional idol for a long time now, 
and I've been dying to see her new show in action. 
My dear friend, Robyn, was able to come along so I was thrilled. 
We got up early and took the two train to the Upper West Side.
Her studio is housed at ABC Headquarters just north of the Manhattan Temple. 
 Her audience coordinator told us to sit in the second row.
We didn't argue. 
The episode that we saw taped a few days before it actually aired. 
The topic: celebrity health scares. 
Katie had interviewed Brooke Burke and Randy Jackson already, 
but we got to see Frankie Muniz. 
I was definitely more interested in watching how the show worked.

Katie is just as poised, personable, and perky in person as she is on air.
She uses a prompter for teases.
She asks the hard questions. 
She uses note cards during interviews. 
She's extremely nice to her guests and crew. 
And she's even tinier in person.   
Look at those legs. 
After the taping, she did a quick Q&A session for her guests. 
I figured I may never get an opportunity to ask this woman anything again, 
so I raised my hand. 
She called on me and I got so nervous. 
Like starstruck and shaking nervous. 
I was a babbling mess. 
In more words or less, I told her I so enjoyed her book
 and I recently got a reporting gig in the area. 
I said something along the lines of, "You were once a YOUNG reporter, what advice do you have for people just starting out their careers?"
The crowd immediately started booing me.
 I just unintentionally insulted my idol. 
I called her old. 
She was busy laughing it off while I was busy turning red. 
Not my finest moment. 
Katie was so great and just smiled. 
She told me to always say "yes" to opportunities, work hard, pitch great story ideas,
 and things will happen. 
I love her for that. 
Here's her latest book.
I read it last year while living in Mississippi and working my first reporting job. 
She compiled great life lessons from the beautiful people she has associated with throughout her years as a journalist. 
But my favorite parts were the personal stories she shared at the beginning of each chapter. 
It's incredibly inspirational and beautiful no matter what stage of life you're in. 
Do yourself a favor and read it. 
I cried multiple times. 
And I basically highlighted the whole thing. 
(I have to read things with a highlighter in hand, thanks BYU.)
Just go get a copy.
It's wonderful. 
 Thanks for the memories, Katie. 
See you weekday afternoons at three. 


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