Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Moments - January

January was cold. 
We spent a majority of it indoors mourning the loss of Christmas cheer. 
Here are the last remnants of the holiday. 
Bah humbug. 
My first New Year's resolution is to find the best cupcake in the city. 
The investigation is in full swing. 
These puppies are from Baked by Melissa.
Aren't they cute?
Talk about portion control. 
Great way to try a bunch of flavors. 
Big fan. 
January was also full of food. 
I've found my favorite bagel shop, Zuckers, in TriBeCa. 
Here's my go-to, a toasted turkey sandwich on an everything bagel.
I frequent it far too often. 
Seamless became our best friend and in my book, the greatest invention ever. 
Thank you, New York City, for being so delicious and allowing me to bypass my wifely duties. 
I never cook. 

Dinner time is sacred in the Maddux home. 
Most nights, Scott is able to get away from work and we do dinner.  
Usually, that means meeting up at a local restaurant and discussing our days. 
Whether its Sarabeth's, Shake Shack, Chipotle, or the Whole Foods Cafeteria -
dinner time with this guy is my favorite time. 
My dad thought it would be a good idea for me to carry mace - 
ya know in case things get crazy. 
So I did my homework, called around to different hardware stores, etc.
They all told me they didn't carry it. 
I finally found this shop in Little Italy that claims to be the 
only place in the city to sell mace legally. 
Hopstop took me here and I about stopped in my tracks 
at the sight of that gun hanging from the sign. 
Mikey Bloomberg would not be happy. 
A sweet Chinese woman taught me how to use my newest means of defense. 
It was quite the experience. 
Thanks to wonderful contacts and dear friends, I found gainful employment in January,
which now means I make quite the commute. 
Subway performers are my version of the radio. 
This guy was playing Fur Elise on the steel drum. 
That was my jam on the way home. 

New York, I fall in love with you over and over each day. 
Thank you for being our very first home together. 


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