Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surprise Arizona Trip

In early February, we made a last minute trip to Arizona. 
Scott had a meeting in LA during the week and I wasn't scheduled to work, 
so we decided to make the most of our time away from the city. 
He worked remotely from California for a few days
 while I flew home to Arizona to spend time with my family. 
It was my first time home since our wedding and I wanted to surprise my dad. 
So, my mom and I got to plotting. 
I talk to Douglas almost every day so it was hard to keep my mouth shut. 
My mom tried convincing him that they needed to go pick up a good friend
 from the airport the night I got in. 
He thought she was up to something,
 but when I found him wandering around baggage claim he looked surprised. 
It was a great reunion. 

The next day, Cherie and I planned a surprise sneak attack on Kate. 
She thought she was meeting her mom for lunch at Zupas - but I showed up instead. 
Another joyous reunion. 

Even with all of the incredible restaurants in New York, there are days I crave this: 
chicken enchilada soup and a nuts about berries salad from Zupas. 

We hit up all my favorite food spots. 
- Zupas (twice)
- Tia Rosas
-Ned's Crazy Sub
-Paradise Bakery
-Texas Roadhouse (those rolls...get in my bellly)
One day, I went to help sweet Mendi Sue in her classroom. 
She is the world's most patient, 
circle time readin', math fact teachin', skinny jean wearin' kindergarten teacher. 
And I'm so lucky to call her mom. 
She has a great group this year. 
Whenever I go to her class, I leave in awe. 
This woman is unbelievable. 
I can only pray that our future children have teachers half as good as her. 
Mr. Knoles was nice enough to pay us a visit and play a game of Simon Says. 
Douglas is famous for this.  
Whenever he comes to visit my mom at school, he can't leave without at least one game. 
The kids hold him to it. 
They can't contain their excitement and I die at their short attention spans.

On a different day, we met up with my favorite girls for lunch. 
It was too much fun catching up. 
These are my people and oh how I love them. 
Alpine Village Apartment 426...say what?!
I still have flashbacks of of Kate and Nat performing dance routines for Scott in our kitchen. 
These girls are such a party. 
My Nissan X-terra, Brodee, and I were reconnected after a few months apart. 
We don't have a car in the city and so we hardly ever drive. 
It's funny the little things you miss. 
Like going on drives with the windows rolled down and music blasting. 
Our shoebox studio has taught me to live simply. 
It's pretty crazy how much you realize you don't need. 
Nevertheless, it was good to drive my car again. 
Scott was able to fly in for the weekend and join in on all the fun. 
We got to spend some quality time with my girl, Nala. 
She thinks she is a lap dog and insists on invading all personal space. 
Oh, and she ate the Apple TV box. 

We got to spend time with both of my grandmas this trip. 
I wish I would have snapped a few pictures, but I treasure our time with both of them. 
Sky Harbor Airport has stepped up their game. 
I couldn't turn down a chocolate milkshake from the new Modern Burger at our terminal. 
Way to go out with a bang. 
I have the greatest parents in the world. 
Thank you D+M for always showing us a good time with the best company.
Now, come visit us!

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