Monday, April 1, 2013

First Married Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was an eventful one to say the least. 
Last year, we spent it apart - both working pretty crazy hours. 
Our two Valentine's spent in Provo were filled with flowers, silly scavenger hunts, 
and a trip with friends to Bear Lake. 
This year, our first married Valentine's was sweet and simple. 

It started out with some unwanted excitement. 
I was working the early morning shift and had to catch a train out of Grand Central. 
As I was headed out, I got stuck in our elevator. 
I was supposed to meet Scott in our lobby, 
but we were soon talking through the elevator doors.
Our doorman made an early morning call to wake up our super
 who had the keys to get me out. 
10 minutes later -- we were in a cab rushing to make the train. 
It's pretty funny now, but I was lucky my claustrophobia and cussing problem didn't set in. 

Scott wanted to make sure I got off okay. 
Right when we walked into Grand Central, we knew something was up. 
I'd never been here this early, and I was shocked to see this setup. 
Huge lights, groups of people dressed in old school clothing,
 and a director shouting instructions.
They were filming a movie! 
We were sure to tell them they could pay us later for our acting services. 

Thankfully, I still caught my train and made it to work on time. 
Southwestern Connecticut was still recovering from a historic blizzard 
and there was another snowstorm on the way. 
So we went live with weather hits for the morning and daytime shows. 
It was a good time. 
Weird to think that last Valentine's Day I was doing a story at a reservoir in Mississippi. 
Quite the climate change.
My commute home was hilarious. 
It was so funny to see people on the subway trying to get around
 with all of their Valentine's goodies. 
People were carrying all kinds of flowers and huge stuffed animals for their loved ones. 
I was lucky enough to come home to this little surprise. 

Scott Maddux outdoes himself once again. 
I only wrote him a love note. 
Those flowers quickly became our studio's only V-day decor. 
I loved them. 
When Scott got off work, we headed out to dinner in Greenwich Village. 
I was ecstatic about this mid-week holiday date in the city with him. 
We came across these signs outside a bar in TriBeCa. 
I was dying. 
Bottoms up. 

Scott's navigation was a little off that night.
We ended up taking the long route to get to Cafe Espanol
I didn't mind. 
I find Greenwich Village so charming with all of its brownstones. 

Dinner was delicious. 
We are always on the hunt for good Spanish food. 

I'm so glad I didn't have to Skype with my Valentine this year. 
We were just thrilled to celebrate together. 
I can't help but be overwhelmed with love and gratitude for this handsome guy of mine. 
Thanks for being my Valentimes, Scott. 
Looks like you're stuck with me every February 14th from here on out. 
You lucky son of a gun. 



  1. Oh my word Ky! I laughed so hard on the claustrophobia and cussing problem... because I relate... hard core.

  2. I have never seen your guys blog before! WTH?! So cute, love it!! I love your shirt you wore for Valentine's Day! Glad you guys are doing well, and so bummed we missed you at Christmas! When we were in Hawaii I was also surprised by the big city feel in Honolulu, blew my mind!!
    Glad I can keep updated on this Maddux family now! :)


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