Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls' Trip 2k13

March was full of visitors and I had been looking forward to it for months. 
After four fabulous days with the Figueroa's (more on that to come),
my mom and our dear friends, Carolyn and Carli Shockey, came to visit!
You may remember these incredible people from THIS post. 
I was beyond thrilled for this Girls' Trip. 
They took the red eye to JFK and got to our building just as Josh and Katelin were leaving!
We all went to bed for a few more hours. 
And when I say bed, I mean a couch and air mattress for our visitors. 
 We barely made it in time for brunch at Norma's.
One of the best meals in the city, I'm convinced. 
They even bring you smoothie shots of their flavor of the day. So fresh, so good. 

 We went on a carriage ride through Central Park and it was hilarious. 
In broken English, our carriage driver told us unique facts about CP landmarks. 
It was quite the ride. 
I loved it. 
And I think the contrast of a horse and taxi sharing the road is just too much. 
These two are a party. 
I don't think I'll ever understand this statue in the Time Warner Center
We shopped and walked through the Upper West Side for a few hours. 

 Naturally, a stop at Levain Bakery was a must for these cookie monsters. 
That place and Sweet Mendi Sue are a match made in cookie heaven. 
 We made our way through Central Park sans horse and buggy this time. 
We arrived at the MET just before sunset. 
A picture on the Gossip Girl steps was Carli girl's number one request. 
She was beside herself. 
Love that girl, she truly is the little sister I never had. 

We walked through the Upper East Side and caught the 4 train downtown 
to grab Potbelly's soup for dinner and head home. 
And that's when it hit me. 
Like a load of bricks. 
The body aches. The chills. The fever. 
I felt awful. Horrible, in fact. 
We went to bed and I hoped I could shake it with some sleep. 
But, sadly, nothing was shaking this. 
I slept in while the girls woke up early, sat in line, 
and got tickets to LIVE with Kelly & Michael. 
We tried getting them last fall when my mom and Carolyn were here, but failed. 
So, I was thrilled it worked out for them this time.

I took two naps that day and don't remember ever feeling that sick. 
My mom and I went to urgent care and after one uncomfortable nasal test they determined I had influenza B. 
B as in Booooooooooo.  
They gave me some Tamiflu and sent me on my merry way. 
I was so sad and disappointed that I had to go and get sick
 during the trip we had so looked forward to. 
To make matters worse, I'm not the best patient. 
And this may sound dramatic, but there were a few "just take me now" moments. 
Seriously, I wouldn't wish that sickness on my worst enemy. 
My mom is the best and took care of me -- homemade chicken noodle soup and all. 
 I felt horrible that they spent their spring break with my sick self. 
Thankfully, they learned the subway quickly and still had fun. 
They explored Midtown, Times Square, and the Financial District to name a few. 
 But what really hurt was when they went to Sarabeth's for brunch 
Which they loved by the way, and I'm dying to see. 

I finally saw the light of day and left our apartment on their last day here. 
We had one final brunch at Ivy's Bistro and it was delicious. 
Then it was time to say our goodbyes. 
I was still so sad that I spoiled our trip. 
But so very grateful that my mom was here to take care of me. 
Because who doesn't want their mom when they start to blow chunks?
Sorry, too graphic?!

Bottom line: they need to come back so we can do this Girls' Trip 2k13 right. 
 My girls. 
As evidenced by this picture, these people saw me at my worst that week. 
And loved me through it all. 
Now, let's rewind and do it all again.
Minus the Afrin, Puffs, and cough syrup pleaseeeeee. 
Okay, this pity party is over now. 

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