Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 50th Douglas

 Our attempt at a "Teach Me How to Dougie" remix during the father/daughter dance. 
Today is a big day. 
This guy turns 50. 
The big 5-0.
He tells me he doesn't look or feel that number. 
50 is intimidating, he says. 
He's convinced himself if he can look in his mid 40's til he's in his mid 50's -- that will be a success. 
If anyone can do it, this man can. 

I treasure these photographs of him from our wedding. 
I'm sad I can't celebrate with Douglas and Sweet Mendi Sue today. 
I sent him this letter -- so he knows I feel about him. 

Dear Dad,

            Happy 50th Birthday! The big 5-0 never looked so good. It’s hard to put into words how much I love you. There’s not much else in this world that makes me as emotional as when I think about our relationship. I feel blessed to be your only daughter and first born child.

I’d like to think that our relationship is one of a kind. You are one of a kind. Not just any father has the patience to coach their daughter’s softball teams. Even if you did enforce a “No Cheering” ordinance on the first day of spring practice. Not just any father will go to downtown Phoenix and scalp World Series tickets to ensure that their daughter has fifth row seats to Game Two of the historic Diamondbacks vs. Yankees matchup. Not just any father will take their family to Matchbox 20 concerts for family home evening. Not just any father will blast Bruce Springsteen’s “Greatest Hits” album and sing and dance along to each song during Saturday morning chores. Not just any father will make their kids complete “Doug’s Boot Camp” consisting of reading, writing, and practicing math facts each day during the summer before they could play with friends. Not just any father would initiate neighborhood home run derby contests in the backyard. Not just any father would stay up late to help finish AP English essays. Those were some rough nights. Not just any father would allow their teenagers’ friends to tag along on countless summer vacations to Newport Beach – and thoroughly enjoy their company. Not just any father would play pick-up basketball games at the gym with their kids’ friends and trash talk the entire time. Not just any father would drag his kids to the gym just so they could run together. Not just any father would stay up late talking with their kids – truly asking how they’re doing. Not just any father would encourage his kids to dream big – that nothing is impossible if you are relentless in the pursuit of it. Not just any father would make it possible for their daughter to study abroad and intern in big cities – to broaden her perspective and gain invaluable experience. Not just any father would move their 22-year-old daughter to a region of the country they’d never visited, to a state where they didn’t know anyone, and leave her there – all by herself – to experience extreme personal growth and to allow her to follow her dreams. Not just any father would call her every day to hear how she’s doing. Not just any father would appoint himself the “CWP” or “Chief Wedding Planner” when his daughter got engaged. Not just any father would work extremely hard and care so much to give her the wedding of her dreams. Not just any father would be so concerned as to the happiness and well being of his children – no matter their age. But you do. You’re THAT father. You’re THAT guy. You’re one of a kind. And you’re MY dad. How grateful I am for that. Not because of the games, concerts, or vacations you took me to. But for the time we got to spend together. Time I wouldn’t trade for the world. Time you spent teaching me about life’s greatest lessons.

Thank you for giving me an ideal childhood. Thank you for teaching me about what’s important. Thank you for teaching me how to work hard. Thank you for teaching me how to throw a football. Thank you for teaching me how to sweet talk my way out of bad situations. Thank you for teaching me how to be good to people. Thank you for being you, Douglas. You have always been and continue to be my number one fan, biggest advocate, and greatest teacher. Really, I’ve always considered you to be more of a friend than a father. And for that, I could not be more grateful. So, here’s to you, Dad. Happy 50th.  May you always know how much this girl loves you.

Your daughter, 




  1. I nearly teared up. Your dad is one of a kind! He was definitely my favorite coach.

  2. you are so kind and fun and good (not to mention a total babe), kylee. thank goodness for your sweet parents.


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