Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Moments - March

We met Scott's cousin and his beautiful wife at one of our favorite spots for brunch
 while they were in town -- The Dutch in SoHo.
Those honey butter biscuits make me weak in the knees. 
The many faces of Southwestern Connecticut during the month of March.
This particular day it was pouring. 
Live shots in the rain -- was the name of the game. 

We did a story from the beaches of Fairfield on the
Superstorm Sandy relief that's still going on. 
So many people continue to suffer from hurricane damage six months later. 
It absolutely breaks my heart. 
I had the pleasure of meeting some optimistic residents in this neighborhood. 
I love my job. 

These pictures were taken on another day at work while doing a story in Milford. 
It was such a small town winter wonderland that day. 
I so enjoy seeing more of New England while reporting. 

These are our new line posters
They outline the public transit systems. 
For New York, the subways. And for London, the tube. 
I first discovered the small business while at a Central Park Christmas market. 
I think it would be fun to collect a poster for each city we live in. 
But heaven help us, I have no handy man on my hands.
Two hours and twelve holes in the wall later, this is what we got. 
I'll take it. 

A Monday night date at Molly's Cupcakes in West Village with my dear friend Miriam. 
Some of the best I have had in the city. 
I got the Funfetti Cake Batter Cupcake and it was divine. 
This was taken after intense games of boys vs. girls Catch Phrase.
(Stripes are in...)
Our dear friends hosted a game night and it was an absolute blast. 
Despite our inappropriate guesses and competitive nature, 
I hope we'll be invited back next time. 
I'm still banking on a rematch. 
We have so enjoyed our ward and getting to know everyone. 
I love all of these girls so incredibly much. 
We feel blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who are in the same stage of life.
I took the Path train and ventured to Jersey City to hit up Target one day. 
I sent Scott this picture and we both were in awe of seeing a parking lot. 
Something about perusing those aisles is soothing to the soul. 
A Scott Maddux Sunday Specialty: Green Drank and Panini. 
My husband makes sure I eat my veggies. 
This is a go-to lunch in our house. 

See you next month!

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