Thursday, April 18, 2013

LIVE with Kelly and Michael

One early March morning, my dear friend, Robyn, and I saw these two in action. 
She scored tickets to LIVE with Kelly and Michael and was kind enough to take me.  
I've been wanting to see this show for awhile now and it didn't disappoint one bit. 
They tape at ABC Headquarters on the Upper West Side.
Check Regis' shrine. 
I grew up watching that man. 
He is iconic. 

We're not sure how it happened, but somehow we ended up with VIP tickets.
Before we knew it, we were seated in the front row next to Kelly and her 16 inch waist. 

 Look at those legs.
Kelly is bite size. 
She made me regret the three cinnamon rolls I ate the night before. 
For like -- 3 seconds -- until I came to my senses.  
We were shocked at how friendly and outgoing both Kelly and Michael are. 
They were more than kind. 
They interacted with the audience during the every break. 
We asked for a picture with each of them during the commercials -- 
they were sweet enough to let us snap some pics.  
A girl sitting next to me gave Kelly a copy of a book that she wrote.
Then, Kelly gave her book a shout out on national television. 
Who does that?!!! 
Gelman, in all his glory. 

Some of their guests were Zosia Mamet from the TV show "Girls" and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 
During the interviews, crew members would write certain questions or topics of conversation
on small white boards for Kelly & Michael to ask.
The crew member would hold the board near the camera to ensure that K & M saw it. 
I thought this was an interesting technique. 
Makes sense for an hour of live TV, when you can't be tied to a teleprompter. 

I'm convinced these people have some of the greatest jobs.
Robyn and I ended our morning with a beautiful walk on the UWS and
brunch at Norma's at the Le Parker Meridien. 
It was a good day. 


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