Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Moments - April

You could not care less about this post, I'm sure, but these are the things I want to remember about April.  Given that 60% of the photos below involve flowers, you can tell that the sights of Spring were the highlight of our month. Tears of happiness, people. 
Girls night out while our guys had priesthood session during General Conference weekend
We had dinner at this little French restaurant called L'Express in the Gramercy District and had dessert in Little Italy. I'm so lucky to have these girls. 

We took a walk around Battery Park and Stone Street in the Financial District in between General Conference sessions. 

A crisp day in Darien, CT working on a story. Why can't sunshine and live shots always go together?!

One of our favorite things is running along Hudson River Park. My first run outside was glorious. It was so marvelous seeing the city on foot. It was my first time seeing the USS Intrepid and I really want to go back and visit. 

But, my pasty skin had some awkward tan lines after.

This is my good friend, Anya. She is an absolute doll and I adore her. She works at News 12 with me and sometimes we drive to work together. This particular day we had just gotten back to the city and it happened to be the tax filing deadline. She had spent most of her weekend working on her taxes and needed to mail them that day. So, I stayed in her car while she waited in line to mail them. Parking is a B in the city - so we don't even mess. Before we knew it, 45 minutes had passed. She came back to the car and she couldn't start it. Little did we know, the headlights had been on the ENTIRE time. We frantically tried to think of what to do. Anya, being the problem solver that she is, found a cabbie with jumper cables. Scott tried to walk us through it over the phone. There we were on the side of a busy city street, reading the car manual, looking for the + and - signs that indicate where to put the cables. Douglas would be so ashamed. 20 minutes later we were in business. That cabbie was heaven sent. 
The day after the Boston Marathon Bombings, I did a local story on the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign from train station platforms. Our news station sent crews to Boston for the week. It was a very interesting time to be in a newsroom. I was glued to the TV. During the manhunt, Connecticut authorities got reports of the suspect possibly boarding an Amtrak train for New York. A few trains made emergency stops while officials searched for him. It was a false alarm. But turns out, the bombers' impromptu next stop was Times Square. Heartbreaking weekend for the nation. We love the spirit of Boston. 
I always procrastinate ironing Scott's work shirts. I texted him this photo and said our place looked like a sweat shop. Ridiculous. 

A run through Riverside Park. I need to explore this place more. The cherry blossoms were in full swing on the Cherry Walk. Bout stopped me in my tracks. 
This is one of my favorite schools in our neighborhood. That red door. Those tulips. 
Scott and I were called to be Cub Scout leaders for our church. It's been a blast getting to know the youth and we love the other couples we work with. In honor of Earth Day, we planted our own flowers for the boys to take home. Scott and I planned to take this one home, but we went to dinner and Pinkberry right after Scouts. We accidentally left our lil plant on the table at Pinkberry and didn't realize it til we got home. Oops. Happy Earth Day!

Speaking of Pinkberry, their Coconut Key Lime Swirl was my favorite this season. 
One week at work was pretty crime heavy so I jumped at the chance to do a story on opening day for the Bridgeport Bluefish. They treated us well and even let me shoot the T-shirt gun. 

While at the ballpark, I ran into Spartacus. The dog, not the man. He is one of the healing dogs that were used to help comfort the children after the Sandy Hook School massacre. He just melted my heart. I think that is such an incredible program. 
I never tire of seeing yellow school buses in the city. Makes me think of my mom, sweet Mendi Sue. 
City Hall Park in bloom.

One of my best friends in the city, Robyn, moved to London. I miss her like crazy but am so pumped for their new adventure with their BABY BOY in the oven. We went to The Smith for lunch (so good) and Pinkberry to celebrate, cause it's one of her pregnancy cravings and because I don't go a week without it.
 I miss you, woman. 
Shopping in SoHo with a spring in my step. These were almost my wedding shoes. I was going to change the laces and everything. But they ended up being too white for my ivory dress. They did make their spring debut, however. 
Party on the rooftop top of the world. Our friends had a gathering on their roof overlooking the 9/11 Memorial. Good times, great views. 
Tulips at St. Paul's and Trinity Church. 

I'd been meaning to give this downtown Japanese bakery a try for quite some time. Takahachi Bakery has some incredible macaroons. Go try them!

Sorry most of my interests include flowers and food. Pat yourself on the back, you should get a reward for making it this far. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scott's 26th Birthday

Scott Maddux had a birthday - his 26th to be exact! We celebrated all week because the poor kid pulled an all-nighter on his birthday eve. If that isn't a birthday bust I don't know what is. The week leading up to his birthday was one of the busiest he has had since we've been married. Bless him. He's a tough one, I tell ya. We had plans to get Renew Reflexology massages and then hit up one of Scott's favorites, La Esquina, with our dear friends, the Wilson's. The birthday boy got stuck at work last minute -- so he had to take a rain check on the massage and we ended up bringing dinner back to our place to party with him when he was done. 

These steps kill me. You may think twice while walking up this sketch second floor establishment - but you will breath easy the minute your $22 hour-long foot massage begins. Best bargain in the city, I'm convinced. And if you're lucky, they may just play Rambo for your viewing pleasure. Am I right, Estee?!

This restaurant has some history in our house. We went here for Scott's 23rd birthday three years ago when we were first interning in the city. It was our first meal together here. I think we have a tradition on our hands. We grabbed some tacos and headed downtown to meet up with the birthday boy. And birthdays aren't birthdays without milkshakes. Thanks J+E for celebrating with us!
The following Sunday we had a dessert night (calling all Provo all-stars) at our place to celebrate. We had friends from our ward come over for some birthday treats. Scott even made rice krispies. He was so proud. At one point we may have had 20 people in our small studio. It was quite the sight. 

Happy birthday, Scott Maddux. 
I'll love you forever and like you for always. 

Spring Evening in Central Park

Growing up in Arizona, I took for granted the endless warm, sunny days we had throughout the year. I guess I figured the rest of the world had the same amount of sunshine. Needless to say, I had a rude awakening my freshman year in Provo, Utah. I think my parents thought I had seasonal depression and figured I would transfer to a school where I could still wear shorts in December. Thankfully, I survived four Utah winters and took my first job in the deep South where the city shuts down at the sight of snow. Carrying a tripod and camera while trudging through the slushy white stuff - never sat well with me. Now, I have one east coast winter under my belt - and boy was it a long one. Seeing a blooming flower bout brought me to tears. One Sunday, we made our way to Central Park to see it in all its springtime glory. I forget what an oasis this park is for all these city slickers. It truly is majestic. 

These blooming magnolia trees and cherry blossoms were the highlight of our evening. I mean -- dead on the floor. I grew up around citrus trees and the smell of blooming orange blossoms is one of my all-time favorites. So this whole cherry blossom thing was new to me. But they definitely hold their own. 

 ^^^ The Central Park Mall ^^^
Bethesda Fountain 

I stumbled upon this incredible group. I really wanted to hear their story. The park is full of hidden treasures. I love exploring and finding something new each time. 

CP -- here's to many more evenings basking in your beauty. 
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