Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scott's 26th Birthday

Scott Maddux had a birthday - his 26th to be exact! We celebrated all week because the poor kid pulled an all-nighter on his birthday eve. If that isn't a birthday bust I don't know what is. The week leading up to his birthday was one of the busiest he has had since we've been married. Bless him. He's a tough one, I tell ya. We had plans to get Renew Reflexology massages and then hit up one of Scott's favorites, La Esquina, with our dear friends, the Wilson's. The birthday boy got stuck at work last minute -- so he had to take a rain check on the massage and we ended up bringing dinner back to our place to party with him when he was done. 

These steps kill me. You may think twice while walking up this sketch second floor establishment - but you will breath easy the minute your $22 hour-long foot massage begins. Best bargain in the city, I'm convinced. And if you're lucky, they may just play Rambo for your viewing pleasure. Am I right, Estee?!

This restaurant has some history in our house. We went here for Scott's 23rd birthday three years ago when we were first interning in the city. It was our first meal together here. I think we have a tradition on our hands. We grabbed some tacos and headed downtown to meet up with the birthday boy. And birthdays aren't birthdays without milkshakes. Thanks J+E for celebrating with us!
The following Sunday we had a dessert night (calling all Provo all-stars) at our place to celebrate. We had friends from our ward come over for some birthday treats. Scott even made rice krispies. He was so proud. At one point we may have had 20 people in our small studio. It was quite the sight. 

Happy birthday, Scott Maddux. 
I'll love you forever and like you for always. 

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