Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Evening in Central Park

Growing up in Arizona, I took for granted the endless warm, sunny days we had throughout the year. I guess I figured the rest of the world had the same amount of sunshine. Needless to say, I had a rude awakening my freshman year in Provo, Utah. I think my parents thought I had seasonal depression and figured I would transfer to a school where I could still wear shorts in December. Thankfully, I survived four Utah winters and took my first job in the deep South where the city shuts down at the sight of snow. Carrying a tripod and camera while trudging through the slushy white stuff - never sat well with me. Now, I have one east coast winter under my belt - and boy was it a long one. Seeing a blooming flower bout brought me to tears. One Sunday, we made our way to Central Park to see it in all its springtime glory. I forget what an oasis this park is for all these city slickers. It truly is majestic. 

These blooming magnolia trees and cherry blossoms were the highlight of our evening. I mean -- dead on the floor. I grew up around citrus trees and the smell of blooming orange blossoms is one of my all-time favorites. So this whole cherry blossom thing was new to me. But they definitely hold their own. 

 ^^^ The Central Park Mall ^^^
Bethesda Fountain 

I stumbled upon this incredible group. I really wanted to hear their story. The park is full of hidden treasures. I love exploring and finding something new each time. 

CP -- here's to many more evenings basking in your beauty. 

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  1. We heard that same group singing in the tunnels, they were incredible!


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