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April 13, 2013, was a big day for the boys of Chatham 44. The last of the original four, Matt Walter, tied the knot. These boys have some serious history. They all met freshman year at Helaman Halls, wrote each other on their missions, and then lived together when they got home. Talk about a bromance. When Scott and I first started dating, I thought they were a bunch of goobers, but I soon learned they are the most solid, fun loving, hilarious group. Really though. Their friendships are one of a kind. And each of them have married the most incredible girls whom I truly admire and love. I met Estee during our freshman year at BYU  and I lived right next door to Karly our sophomore year. It was more than perfect when we all married a group of best friends. I feel like I gained instant and lifelong friends thanks to these guys. With the Wilson's and Maddux's in New York, and the Andrew's and Walter's in California -- our reunions are few and far between. Thank goodness for weddings. I think we all get a lil giddy when we get together these days. 
So, this weekend was one for the books. 
Scott had a meeting in Vegas earlier that week so he flew straight to LA. I had to work but flew in early Friday morning. We got this party started right away. Dave and Karly showed us around their neck of the woods after a yummy lunch. It felt so great to be DRIVING a car, despite the horrific California traffic. We drove up to Camarillo to say hi to the Maddux clan before the groom's dinner at BJ's. We enjoyed the best company and my favorite pazookies. It felt like our Provo days all over again. 

The beautiful bride and groom. We were so thrilled to celebrate with them. 
Matt sure did find a winner - Courtney is an all star. After the dinner, the boys had a bachelor party for Matt consisting of putt-putt golf and ice cream sundaes. Scandalous? 
I got a serious kick out of the bow tie and suspender preparation that was taking place before the bride and groom made their grand exit from the beautiful Los Angeles Temple
Estee, Swaz, & Jeremy
Dave & Karly
^^^This kid. ^^^

While our boys were busy with wedding party pictures, Karly look us downtown for a little IN-N-OUT run. It was just what we needed. I like Shake Shack and all -- but ^^^ those fries and that chocolate shake^^^are second to none. We brought back some delish 3x3's for our guys to scarf in between their groomsmen duties. 

Scott, Laurie, Matt & Marilyn Walter, Dave & Diane Andrew, Jeremy, Jake
The boys and their moms. It takes some pretty incredible women to raise such a good group. I love that these moms are friends and support each other's sons. All of these amazing people made the trip to Arizona for our wedding seven months ago as well. They are unreal. 

So much love for these women.

The reception was absolutely beautiful. We danced the night away and the guys did way too many leg stomps in those suspenders. Jeremy's toast was the best of the night. And then we said goodbye to the newlyweds with a sparkler send off. 

These are my people. It was tough to take a decent photo.  
I'm just glad Jake's mullet is hidden. 
Here's to you, Walter's! We are beyond thrilled for you two! Thanks for bringing us all together to celebrate. Now, on to planning our next couple's retreat. Who's in? 

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  1. And dont forget your long losts "the figueroas" in AZ ;)
    lOVE THIS! Wish we could have joined in on the fun!


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