Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mad. Sq. Eats

There's not much I love more than a good outdoor food market. Tons off different vendors all in one place...makes for the perfect group gathering. Mad. Sq. Eats was a fantastic way to kick off the summer. Except for the fact that the first time I went with my friend, Kenzi, it was raining. But we did have the whole place to ourselves. And a little rain didn't stop some of New York City's top chefs from serving us.  

I knew Scott would love this place just as much as I did. So, we made it our Friday night date spot. We met up with our dear friends, the Murdochs, and braved the crowds. The Murdochs share our love of food so it was a match made in heaven. As you can see, it was a packed party on a warm summer night. This was actually the last night of the event, but it does make a return in the fall. 

When it comes to good food, we don't mess around. Scott and I decided it was best to divide and conquer at this event. After we met up, our conversation went something like this: 

K: "I can't believe the empanada stand is out of empanadas. How does that even happen?!"
S: "I went to the Korean place over there. I couldn't even tell you what I ordered. But tell me this doesn't look good?"
K: "I'm just waiting for my tacos."
S: "I'm out of cash."
K: "Wait, I just handed you like 20 bucks."
S: "My lobster roll was $16."
K: "You spent $16 on a lobster roll?" 

Needless to say, three Calexico tacos, a pulled pork sandwich, a nutella banana crepe, and a lobster roll all in one place...made for the easiest date night ever. I'm still drooling. 

We took our feast over to Madison Square Park and sat on a bench to chow down. We enjoyed the best company with the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building looking down on us. It was a gorgeous summer setting. One I hope to frequent. 

In other news, we really want a bulldog. I may or may not stalk the bulldogs in our building. And Scott may or may not follow the "Daily Puppy" account on Instagram to get his fix. He may or may not kill me for making that public information. We saw a guy walking FIVE bulldogs in the park that night. I squealed with excitement and Scott couldn't believe his eyes. He almost gave this one part of his dinner. ALMOST. Also, don't you think a bulldog is my husband's alter animal ego? Twins, I tell you!!!! We're not sure whether it's because they are stubborn, hilarious, slow, or what... but they remind me of Scott. Maybe it's the big head and big smile. Or the short, stumpy legs. (Love you, babe.) I don't know...but I can't get enough of them. Scott was in an interview once and the last question the interviewer asked him was, "If you were an animal what would you be?" Without hesitation he responded, "Easy, a bulldog. My wife says this all the time. I would be a bulldog because they aren't the most athletic or fast moving, but they know what they want and are just happy to be here." Nailed it. He called me right after this particular interview and I was on the floor. Glad I could somehow help during the awful interview process. Love that guy of mine. Every time we pass a bulldog on the street, Scott turns to me and says, "Oh what do we have here?" And we quickly try to figure out what kind of a bulldog it is. Sad, I know. Seeing as how we aren't home much, don't have a yard, etc...a dog probably isn't in our future any time soon. So, it looks like we'll continue to be canine creepers...coming to a bark park near you. Bulldogs, beware. 

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  1. omg you guys are amazing. "but they know what they want and are just happy to be here." !!! i will be quoting scott on this until the day i die.


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